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Saturday, August 30, 2008

This is a Re-Post From Cliff !!! My Picc's Will be up Soon !!!!!

From the Pressbox: New London Game

Friday night the young, but improving Rittman Fighting Indians took on the New London Wildcats at Rittman Stadium. The team has more players this season, mostly underclassmen, so I look for this season to be another learning experience for the young team. Rittman scored first last night, but New London controlled the rest of the game.

This years band has also increased in size and will be going to all the league away games this season, something that hasn't occured in the past three seasons. Looks to be agood marching season.

Last night's halftime was somewhat abbreviated due to an induction to the Rittman athletic wall of fame. New London's band, the Marching Wildcats, put on a very entertaining show.

The Rittman Indians Marching Band took the field for the first time this season and the fans loved it. They opened their show with "Rock Lobster" made popular by the B-52's. Then as a tribute to the long time band director of Anthony Wayne High School, Bill Moffit, who passed away last winter, the band performed pattern in motion drills, which Mr. Moffit developed while performing the Black Sabath hit, "Iron Man." To conclude the show we asked the audience to swing along as the band performed "Mass Brass."

and.. Message from me, Matthew:
** i'll be adding sum piccs of my own in a few days soo stay tuned.. **

Finally here, coming up-Friday Night Halftime
There's no better way to "kick off" this three day weekend but with my favorite student musicians, the Rittman Indians Marching Band! And helping to break the late summer evening silence will be the loudest band announcer in Northeast Ohio. And of course soon following will be the first edition of "From the Pressbox" of the 2008 football season. And the WIXYcam will be on hand to take pictures of the action.Oh yeah, the Rittman football team will be playing New London tonight also.It's all about halftime!

New London 38 64 % Rittman 13 36 %
Triway 13 32 % Orrville 34 68 %
More Score's Coming Soon!

I was at last night's Rittman Game an it rained like crazy right before the half an i got all wet LoL i thought for sure the' halftime show would be canceled but luckly they went on with their show! ;) an i enjoyed all the new songs from Rittman! an New London was pretty good also!..
Can't wait till next week's Halftime Show !!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

.he died too young.

** Got Summ News too tell **
i went too the doctors today an they put me on an diet soo now i gotta get out more an walk around so that my blood pressure will go down !!!! Which Sux LoL But gotta do it...
This Friday i'll be goin too aRe 1st home football game against New London, Kick thier a** Rittman! i'll be goin with my mom an cousin Steve. Next Year Rittman will have new Non-League teams too go up against! They Are: Connotton Valley/Sandy Valley/Bridgeport. iam looking forward too that next year!!
in other news i gotta tell ya is Matthew P. Helmick 16, of Chippewa High School passed away on Aug. 15, 2008. he will be missed by his friends an family! My regards go out too his Family! i know its gotta be an emotional time for them! ;*(
(*~he is in God's loving arms now~*) "Rest in pCe Helmick!."

R ittman F ootbaLL P reView

Rittman's Football Team has nearly doubled in size over the past year. Enthusiasm in the Indians' camp may have increased even more.
A programthat a year ago was teetering on the brink of extinction is now tottering back toward respectability. A couple months of fridays from now, the Indians' may just have that. Until then, though, they're going to enjoy the ride.
"I think there's more confidence," Indians coach Al Teague said of the difference between last year and this. "Not only because we have more numbers. We've got a lot of guys back that have played for the first two years that I've been here. There's a lot of confidence in their abilities and experience. They know what we have to do. They've done a great job."
The 2007 season was a tough one, to be sure, for the Indians. They were over-matched most weeks. abaut they're a year older, bigger and stronger now as individuals. Almost all of them are back, with even a few more key additions.
Among those are Mike Walls. The junior returns after a year off due to academic problems and will run the Indians' offense. He was the starting quarterback as a freshman before injury problems limited his availability.
"He still played some (defensive back) as a freshman," Teague said of the 6-foot, 175-pound Walls. "But he missed a lot of the season."
Walls' insertion at quarterback means sophomore Brandon Bauman will shift over to tailback, though he will still see some time under center. His classmate Kevin Dotterer will play fullback.
"For a sophomore, Kevin is a very strong and able-bodied athlete," Teague said. "He worked hard in the weightroom obviously."
Seniors Kyle Killough(Matthew's Cousin) and Robert Snelgrave lend experience to the offensive line, which this year looks to be a strength.
Seniors Korey Austin an Dustin Sword will provide athleticism at the skill positions; Austin at receiver and Sword both at running back an kick returner.
"(Sword) brings some speed that we haven't had a lot of it in the past," Teague said. "He brings a gutsy kid. He's not real big, but gives it everything he has. He hasn't played in a while, se he's playing a little catch-up."




Saturday, August 23, 2008

W adsworth G rizzlies

Rittman Band Revue

OHSAA Division 5, Region 17 { Wayne County }

Rittman Indians

Rittman, OH
Wayne County
OHSAA Division 5, Region 17

Most Recent Game 8/22/2008 - Final T
Rittman (0-1) 14
Newton Falls (1-0) 42

Next Game 8-29-2008
New London (1-0)
Rittman (0-1)

Rittman 2008
8/22 A Newton Falls (1-0) [4:13] L 14-42
8/29 H New London (1-0) [5:18]
9/5 H Fairless (0-0) [3:11]
9/12 A Northwestern (0-1) [5:17]
9/19 A Waynedale (1-0) [5:17]
9/26 H Norwayne (1-0) [5:17]
10/3 A Chippewa (1-0) [4:13]
10/10 H Dalton (1-0) [6:21]
10/17 A Smithville (0-1) [5:17]
10/24 H Hillsdale (1-0) [5:18]

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today at 1PM -- The Creston Homecoming Parade!

(*) a reminder! (*)
Today at 1PM Is The Creston Homecoming Parade, Come on out an Enjoy! i'll be their!
While i'll also be Filming summ of the Parade...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Indian Band

My Video's at Youtube:


Rittman Indian Picc(From This Year's Sleepwalker Parade)

Boys Varsity Football *(Rittman Indian)*

Football - Boys Varsity Date Day Opponent Location Time/Score 08/15/08 Friday Newcomerstown Scrimmage 6:00 PM 08/22/08 Friday Newton Falls Newton Falls 7:00 PM 08/29/08 Friday New London Rittman 7:30 PM 09/05/08 Friday Fairless Rittman 7:30 PM 09/12/08 Friday Northwestern Northwestern 7:30 PM 09/19/08 Friday Waynedale Waynedale 7:30 PM 09/26/08 Friday Norwayne Rittman 7:30 PM 10/03/08 Friday Chippewa Chippewa 7:30 PM 10/10/08 Friday Dalton Rittman 7:30 PM 10/17/08 Friday Smithville Smithville 7:30 PM 10/24/08 Friday Hillsdale Rittman 7:30 PM
Home games are in bold.

Fair Day

the best damn band in the land(Repost from Cliff)

The Rittman Indians Marching Band They are the best, I take my stand The student musicians have the gift To give the crowds a special lift

The band director's named Ed Sims He'd be excited directing hymns All the students groan at his jokes Sometimes his humor is just a hoax

The majorette leader, Becky Cline Gets teased a lot, but she is fine The majorettes they twirl and spin To not have them would be a sin

The boosters, they are a loyal crew Without them we would be in a stew They volunteer they're chaperons And other things, these precious stones Our band, they march, they do not walk Their marching show is not just talk They hit their notes and hit their marks Their enthusiasm really sparks

And now it's time for me to go Thursday night is our first show We will be in Mogadore See us then, you will not snore

Thursday, August 14, 2008

i don't like the weather in Northeast Ohio... Matthew Speaking Out The Truth(iam depressed noww)

Ed Sims, director of the Rittman marching band told us There is currently a thunderstorm in Mogadore and the band show has been cancelled! i Don't understand that they cann Re'schedule Football Games but NOT Band Shows... yeah we drove clear over there for nothing !!! ;( iam VERY disapointed Too! Trust Me iam the worst bad luck you cann hang around with!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS STATE!!!!! This was gonna be my 1st band show i've gone too thas not Rittman's an i REALLY was looking forward too it! o well what do you expect, this always happens too Matthew Killough... ;*( i also wasted 30 dollars too get down there, for nothing! i paid someone for gas too take me! Srry Jus a little upset right now soo iam gonna wrap this up....

is Tonight's Band Show Cancelled due too The' Rain?

Update from Cliff Feightner
The only way the show would be cancelled would be if there was lightning. That's something that won't be known till showtime. I took a look at the weather channel site and the hour by hour forecast said that there was the possibility of "scattered thunderstorms."At this point I don't know as I'm not an employee of the Rittman School district. If the program would be cancelled, Ed Sims would call my cell phone then I would know.

LoL The storm here in Rittman almost knocked out my power !!!!

* * V a c a t i o n T i m e * * and.. Summ Other stuff i have too mention

Log Cabin
Next Week i'll be goin on Vacation With My Family Too Kandelight Kabins in Loudonville.
We will be their 4 days! I Can't Wait!!! Soo i wont be posting anything for about a week...
Then Starting August 29Th i'll be posting update's from this year's Rittman High School Football Games.. and on August 22nd since i wont be at the 1st football game cuz its away you can head over too Wixy Gone Bananas Website, iam sure Cliff Cliff Feightner will have something up for that game! ;*)
Also tonight is The Mogadore PreSeason Bandd Show, Don't miss out on an Evening of Great Marching Bands and Summ Great Music !!! i'll sure be their. Juss Remember Admission $2 for students and seniors, $4 for adults. Show time 7:30. Come on out too Mogadore, iam sure you wont be disapointed! it will be a Good Show i promise! The' Rittman Indian Band will Be Their....
and other Great bands as well!

Announcing The 2008
Creston Homecoming, August 15Th and 16Th.
Saturday at 1PM Come on out too the' homecoming parade
iam NOT sure if i'll be their but iam gonna try too make it, and if i do i plan on filming Norwayne's Band an if i do i'll post it on here !!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bordentown, New Jersey **iam+a+Little+League+Fan**

Game 22
2:00 pm

Maryland 8
New Jersey 7

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 2:05 PM
Tournament game at Leon J. Breen Field
Game #22

Maryland 8, New Jersey 7

Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 R H E
New Jersey Bordentown, New Jersey 1 2 3 0 0 1 7 11 1
Maryland Hagerstown, Maryland 0 0 0 1 4 3 8 9 2

New Jersey AB R H BI Maryland AB R H BI
#24 Welsh, P., 2B-SS-P 3 1 1 0 #9 Byard, R., SS 4 0 0 0
#34 Papp, A., SS-P 3 1 2 1 #13 Yacyk, A., 1B-P 2 2 1 1
#21 Walters, T., 3B 4 0 1 1 #8 Schreiber, Z., LF-1B-3B 1 1 0 0
#6 Gakeler, Z., P-1B 4 1 0 0 #3 Blenckstone, A., PR 0 0 0 0
#12 Shinn, R., RF-C 4 1 1 0 #50 Jobe, D., C 3 1 2 2
#7 Clauser, C., CF 3 2 2 1 #3 Blenckstone, A., PR 0 1 0 0
#10 Chaszar, A., LF-P 1 0 0 0 #12 Barvinchack, C., RF-P-PH 3 1 3 3
#2 Callahan, N., PH-LF 1 0 1 1 #3 Blenckstone, A., RF-CF 0 1 0 0
#11 Laba, C., PR 0 0 0 0 #10 Grunberg, M., PR 0 0 0 0
#8 Goeke, A., 1B-LF 2 1 1 2 #11 Kinter, R., P-RF-LF 1 0 1 0
#11 Laba, C., PH-1B-2B 1 0 0 0 #6 Moats, J., RF-LF-P 2 0 1 0
#19 Revay, T., C 1 0 0 0 #1 Barron, J., 3B-P 3 0 1 1
#49 Holmes, E., PH-RF 2 0 2 0 #7 Karlen, N., 2B 3 0 0 0
Totals 29 7 11 6 #10 Grunberg, M., CF-P 1 1 0 0
#47 Hornbecker, B., PH-RF 1 0 0 0
Totals 24 8 9 7
E: #9 Byard, R., #7 Karlen, N., #6 Gakeler, Z. 2B: #7 Clauser, C. 2, #49 Holmes, E. 2, #1 Barron, J., #50 Jobe, D. HR: #8 Goeke, A., #13 Yacyk, A., #34 Papp, A. SB-ATT: #21 Walters, T. (0-1), #3 Blenckstone, A. (0-1), #12 Shinn, R. (1-1)

New Jersey IP H R ER BB SO BF Maryland IP H R ER BB SO BF
#6 Gakeler, Z. 4.1 5 4 3 5 0 22 #11 Kinter, R. 1.0 3 1 1 0 1 5
#10 Chaszar, A. 0.2 2 1 1 0 1 4 #12 Barvinchack, C. 1.1 6 5 4 2 1 13
#24 Welsh, P. 0.1 0 2 2 1 0 3 #13 Yacyk, A. 1.1 0 0 0 0 3 4
#34 Papp, A. (L) 0.1 2 1 1 0 1 3 #6 Moats, J. 0.2 0 0 0 1 0 3
Totals 5.2 9 8 7 6 2 32 #1 Barron, J. 1.1 2 1 1 0 0 6
#10 Grunberg, M. (W) 0.1 0 0 0 0 1 1
Totals 6.0 11 7 6 3 6 32
HBP: #8 Schreiber, Z. (by #10 Chaszar, A.), #13 Yacyk, A. (by #34 Papp, A.) WP: #11 Kinter, R., #6 Gakeler, Z. 3, #12 Barvinchack, C. 2, #24 Welsh, P. PB: #19 Revay, T. Pitches-strikes: #11 Kinter, R. 20-12, #6 Gakeler, Z. 90-44, #12 Barvinchack, C. 40-22, #13 Yacyk, A. 20-12, #6 Moats, J. 6-2, #1 Barron, J. 20-12, #10 Chaszar, A. 16-11, #10 Grunberg, M. 2-2, #24 Welsh, P. 15-6, #34 Papp, A. 8-7
Start: 2:05 PM; Game time: 2:03; Attendance: 291
Game officials: HP-Tomasco, 1B-Flis, 2B-Lewis, 3B-Dublin, LF-Caron, RF-Leary
Weather- Cloudy and warm in the lower 80's.
Official Scorer- Scott Grove
Digital Scout- Tony Nocera

Game 27
3:00 pm
Semi Final
Game #1

Maryland 10
First Place
New Jersey 0
Fourth Place
Maryland Hagerstown Federal LL
Hagerstown, MD 4 - 0
New Jersey Bordentown LL
Bordentown, NJ 1 - 3

Friday, August 8, 2008 3:06 PM
Tournament game at Leon J. Breen Field
Game #27 (MA Semi)

Maryland 10, New Jersey 0

Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 R H E
New Jersey Bordentown, New Jersey 0 0 0 0 - - 0 4 0
Maryland Hagerstown, Maryland 5 2 3 0 - - 10 8 0

New Jersey AB R H BI Maryland AB R H BI
#24 Welsh, P., 2B-SS 2 0 0 0 #9 Byard, R., SS 2 3 2 4
#34 Papp, A., SS-P 2 0 0 0 #13 Yacyk, A., 1B 2 1 0 0
#21 Walters, T., 3B 1 0 1 0 #8 Schreiber, Z., P 2 1 1 3
#6 Gakeler, Z., 1B 1 0 1 0 #50 Jobe, D., C 2 1 2 1
#12 Shinn, R., RF 2 0 1 0 #3 Blenckstone, A., PR 0 1 0 0
#7 Clauser, C., CF 2 0 1 0 #12 Barvinchack, C., RF 1 0 0 0
#10 Chaszar, A., LF 1 0 0 0 #3 Blenckstone, A., RF-CF 1 0 0 0
#11 Laba, C., PH 1 0 0 0 #11 Kinter, R., LF 1 0 0 0
#8 Goeke, A., P 1 0 0 0 #6 Moats, J., LF 1 1 1 0
#2 Callahan, N., 2B 1 0 0 0 #1 Barron, J., 3B 1 2 1 2
#19 Revay, T., C 1 0 0 0 #7 Karlen, N., 2B 2 0 1 0
#49 Holmes, E., PH 1 0 0 0 #10 Grunberg, M., CF 1 0 0 0
Totals 16 0 4 0 #47 Hornbecker, B., RF 1 0 0 0
Totals 17 10 8 10
HR: #8 Schreiber, Z., #1 Barron, J., #9 Byard, R. 2, #50 Jobe, D.

New Jersey IP H R ER BB SO BF Maryland IP H R ER BB SO BF
#8 Goeke, A. (L) 2.2 7 9 9 3 5 18 #8 Schreiber, Z. (W) 4.0 4 0 0 2 3 18
#34 Papp, A. 0.1 1 1 1 0 1 2 Totals 4.0 4 0 0 2 3 18
Totals 3.0 8 10 10 3 6 20
WP: #8 Goeke, A. 2 Pitches-strikes: #8 Schreiber, Z. 66-41, #8 Goeke, A. 77-44, #34 Papp, A. 10-6
Start: 3:06 PM; Game time: 2:05; Attendance: 189
Game officials: HP-Dublin, 1B-Caron, 2B-Flis, 3B-Leary, LF-Albright, RF-Black
Game was in a rain delay for 53 minutes in the top of the third inning.

Weather- Sunny and warm in the lower 80's.
Official Scorer- Scott Grove
Digital Scout- Tony Nocera

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

^*10.21.05 Rittman Indian Football Coverage, The Whole Game!^*

10.21.05 Rittman Indians 46 Chippewa Chipps 19 ..Week 9

* Update on Mogadore's Preseason Show *

Bands performing at the Mogadore show will be Hudson, Newcomerstown, Akron Garfield, St. Vincent-St. Mary, Manchester, and of course Rittman and Mogadore. Admission $2 for students and seniors, $4 for adults. Show time 7:30.

''Rittman Indian Band SlideShow''

(** Rittman Band 2007 Season **)

This Video was Taken last Year! i made it
Waynedale Golden Bears // Rittman Indians

The Mogadore Band Show **Rittman Band Kicks off Their Season**

Come and Enjoy an Evening of Funn! and.. Listen Too Summ Great Marching Bands! i Can't wait too see what Rittman will be playn this Year !!! i will be filming this, soo i'll add whatever i can too this site as soon as i cann.... My Mother will be taken photography's so i'll add them too and iam sure that Cliff Feightner will aslo have summ stuff too, cant wait too see his work !!! ;) This is the 1st Band Show i've been too thas NOT Rittman.s, soo iam looking forward too it... and don't forget Rittman Football starts next week but i'll see Rittman the week after because i wont be goin too the' away game... soo maybe Cliff will have photo.s from that game ;) o yeah before i wrap this up lets NOT forget: Laaadies and gentlemen, for your listening and viewing pleasure.... We take great pride in presenting to YOU.... The 2008 edition of the Rittman Indians MMAAARRRRCCCCHHIIINNNNGGG BAND!

The Mogadore show will be this coming Thursday August 14, at 7:00 in Mogadore.

The bands are Rittman, Hudson, Manchester, Akron Garfield, Newcomerstown, St. Vincent-St. Mary, and Mogadore.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rittman Indian Band ** Rockin' it on the Streets! **

This was recorded by me at this years Sleepwalker Festival at Rittman.

Rittman Indian Band **Rockin' it on the Streets!**

Rittman Indian Band Photo.s

Rittman Indian Band is Looking Good This Year !!! They have added a All White Tuba in Their Band, Kewl. They Usually Have Black Tuba's!
Photobucket i'll add More Photo.s Later, Iam New Here !!! So Bare With Me !!! Till I Get Use Too This!


Band Members - BAND TAG DAY '09

Band Members - BAND TAG DAY '09
Junior; Tuba Player: Nate Myers - the middle member...

Awards 2010 Rittman Band

Awards 2010 Rittman Band

Nathanael Myers

Nathanael Myers
Tuba Player -- Junior --

details on our band show next saturday night

details on our band show next saturday night
Rittman Band Rockin the 2009 Season!

Our Indians!!

Our Indians!!
photo taken by my friend Cliff

(♪\*) Our Homecoming Halftime Show - Playing in the Rainy Weather... (*\♪)

best of 2009! join us for our band festival next saturday night AT Rittman Stadium... 7PM. feel free too ask me anything you want about this event next weekend! if ya wanna attend this show an need directions cuz you dont know where our field is just ask me an i'll give ya em... you wont wanna miss out on this are band show R O C K S !!! bands attending are: rootstown crestview new london mogadore orrville band of style rittman band n more... here's hopeing it dont rain next weekend and ruin our show!!!!!! i hope we get too have it... wow its hard too believe but band season is coming too an end for me cuz are last game i wont be at cuz its away ;( darn... but next fridays game is home its senior night & halloween night for are band =) happy halloween too everyone................

Our Annual Rittman Band Revue is Here!

Our Annual Rittman Band Revue is Here!
Go Indians...

>> Whats ahead for our Band! ♪ <

>> Whats ahead for our Band! ♪ <
Our Annual Band Show ♪ | October 24th at 7PM.

RHS Band - Rittman Band Show Rittman High School


RHS Football Stadium students report to stadium @ 1:00 pm band show begins @
7:00 pm

Contact Ed Sims for more information on this evening of funn...

For Updates on This Either Contact Me or My Buddy Cliff who is our band announcer...

as me and Cliff will have pictures from the show!!!

Rittman Band Show `09

Rittman Band Show `09
Next Saturday Night AT 7PM. Rittman Stadium



i was searching threw my archives and found this

i was searching threw my archives and found this
> Look at what i dug up, take a look at this Cliff, found this in an old newspaper of ours!!!

From Our Show, Last Night

From Our Show, Last Night
Rittman Indian

i love their danceing routine too this song... :)

i love their danceing routine too this song... :)
our best performance yet !!!!!

Rittman Band ''Tuba Player, Nate Myers''

Rittman Band ''Tuba Player, Nate Myers''
Rittman Indian Band

Our 2009 HS Football Team !!!

Our 2009 HS Football Team !!!
we have over 50 players this year, lets kick some a** Indians

2009 2010 Season too Blog!

2009    2010   Season too Blog!
>> Matthew Killough & Cliff Feightner, Bloggers of the Year