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Saturday, October 18, 2008

these don't belong too mee i got these over on YouTube.Com (Go Check it out they have the' whole show up)

This set features Sweet Child of Mine, Ode to a Refuse Container, Soul Bossa Nova (Austin Powers' Theme), and Born to Be Wild

'' I Love Our Band! Go Rittman .. i cant wait too get my dvd of this show!! our show is tonight!!! ''

comments i left on this video:
Go Indians! are band annoucer is SOO awesome!! Go Cliff ;*)hehe.

All Credits go too: Cymbalbeast22 too see the whole show just click here ..

includes Primetime,Cup of Life, and You Can't Stop the Beat

Open Door Christian Patriot Band at New London's '08 1st Annual Band Show featuring Rocky Theme, Build Me Up Buttercup, Conga

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sneak Peek at N/L's 1st Ever Band Show ..

" Put Your Hands Together as we Present too you The Best Band in Wayne County The' 2008th Edition of Our Rittman Indian High Marching Band .. "

Tomorrow Night: ''Our Band Show''

18th Annual Rittman Indian Band Revue '08

Band Revue The eighteenth annual ‘Indian Band Revue’ will take place this Saturday. Joining our own Indian Band will be bands from Orrville High School, Akron Garfield High School, East Canton High School, Crestview High School, Rootstown High School, Manchester High School, Mogadore High School and Akron Kenmore High School. Come to the stadium 7:00 Saturday night and support our band. The bands traditionally perform their festival shows that feature their best music and marching maneuvers selected from the season’s various halftime shows. Join our Indian Band, Our students always appreciate the excellent support of our community.

My Aunt Patty an My Cousins are Goin With Mee ;)

My Next Post Will Probly be Our Next "From The Grandstand" at New London's 1st Show

Next Year i'll be useing a different name for our high school games' Posts, Not sure yet wat it will be!!

Only One Game Left for this Season, iam gonna miss our band ;*( We Will Host Hillsdale Next Friday .. iam SOO Excited about Tomorrow !!!!! i do believe i still have videos too post from our homecoming game an i'll probly get them up sometime after are finale from the grandstand of the football an band season ... after the finale high school game i may not post as much as i do during our indian band Season .. but you have NOT seen the last of mee i promise, hehe ..

okay i gotta tell ya i seen some good movies over the weekend !!! The Substitute / Summer Scars / and / The Last House In The Woods - I Love Horror Movies!

i gotta video i made of the movie: "Summer Scars" You Gotta see it i liked it!

Summer Scars (2007) (UNRATED)

Song Title- " Somewhere " By: Within Temptation

Click to Buy Now: Summer Scars

** (Some Sad News Too Report About The Creator of My Fav. Soap, Passions) **

James E. Reilly, a sometimes controversial soap scribe who twice served as Days of Our Lives' headwriter and created the supernatural-themed Passions, passed away over the weekend, at age 60, Soap Opera Digest reports. Reilly was recovering in the hospital from cardiac surgery when he died."James Reilly was one of the most profoundly lovely human beings in our industry," his agent and longtime fiend Jonathan Russo tells Digest. "He was a towering person in our industry who had a tremendous faith in God and Catholicism, as anyone who watched Passions knows. Everyone will miss him."Reilly ruled the bible at Days from 1992 to 1997 (during which he gave us Marlena's possession) and again from 2003 to 2006, at which time he set loose the "Salem Stalker" in a bid to boost ratings. The serial slayer appeared to snuff veteran characters such as Abe, Roman, Doug and Alice (god bless her donuts), but ultimately the "deceased" were revealed to be held captive on island replica of Salem called Melaswen (read the name backwards).Between his Days gigs, Reilly created for NBC a new soap named Passions, and served as headwriter until its cancellation earlier this year. As headwriter of Guiding Light, Reilly's staff won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series Writing in 1993.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

''From The Grandstand'' ** 4th Edition ** Dalton Bulldogs

Rittman High School Football
"Game of the Week" against the Dalton Bulldogs

Dalton took the opening kickoff down the field for a touchdown and that set the football pace for the evening.

The Rittman Indians Marching band took a fairly new show into halftime, starting with a song made famous by Enrique Martin Morales, also known as Ricky Martin. "You Can't Stop the Beat," our majorette feature, was next. The last number for the evening was another new song for the season, "Sweet Child O' Mine," a song originally done by Guns N' Roses.

Medina Highland's football team. The Hornets pulled out a victory against the Wadsworth Grizzlies with a touchdown pass with .4 seconds remaining in the game. The Hornets are now 8-0. One more football game for mee: and that will be during Next Friday, Not this Friday Coming, night as the Rittman football team wraps up their season against Hillsdale.

The 18th Annual

Indian Band Revue 2008.
Our guests will include Akron Kenmore, Akron Garfield, Crestview, East Canton, Manchester, Mogadore, Orrville, and Rootstown.

Just a Reminder i Didn't Get any Pictures During Halftime This Week Due Too i Decided Juss Too Film it, This Time ... So These Photo*s Are Mostly of Our Football Players an Dalton Bulldogs Band in The Grandstand .. I did happen too get a few shots of our band while they were sitting ;)So hope you like 'Em!
Juss too let you know i have better photo*s of our Football team's an i'll Post 'em later ...

a new number by our band :

Our Indian Band Cheering on Our Football Team ..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

MyFox Cleveland Friday Night Touchdown New London Band

Join The Wildcats Tonight at their Stadium at 7PM For their Annual Band Festival With The Rittman Indian Band and their annoucer Cliff Feightner

Rittman News: i have videos from last night's football game an i'll have them up probly by tomorrow ...

''High School Football'' Scores of The Week:

10/10/2008 - Final T Highland (8-0) 24 Wadsworth (5-3) 21 Wadsworth had this game Won but their was 4 seconds on the clock an Highland threw a hailmary for a winning touchdown, wow what a game
Chippewa 12 28 % Norwayne 21 72 %

Smithville 42 83 % Northwestern 7 17 %

Waynedale 35 73 % Hillsdale 6 27 %

West Holmes 19 14 % Orrville 17 86 % My Orrville Team Lost ;(
Rittman an Dalton Score will be up on my next Post .....

Indian High School Football Game: ''Rittman Class of 63 Reunion''

these photo*s are not new, just thought i'd post 'em ... hehe.

okay tonight is New London's Band Festival at 7PM. and Next Saturday is our show an The Orrville Red Rider Band is gonna be their ;*) Can't Wait !!!

Now Haveing Said that i like too present an award too Our Rittman Indian Band for best season EVERR !!!!! Way too go young fellows..... this has been the best year ever... i don't think i've seen a better season from these guys, this 1 is all-time best ... hope next year's juss as great!Last Night's High School Football Game of The Week was Against the Dalton Bulldogs an a Class of 63 Reunion Was their too cheer on their Indians, More info on this on our next from the grandstand.... Also i like too point out at last night's game our band did a few new songs an they rocked !!!!! The Dalton Bulldogs Band Was bigg as expected!! i luvv their band too... ** Hopefully Next Year we Will See Our Indian Band in New Uniforms **

Okay i got some other news too share with you i just ordered a band show Dvd of "Graham Band Festival 2008 Highlights" Can't wait too see it, they have 15 Bands at their show including Ohio U. Band ... u Cann see some of this band show on Youtube, i'll post some of 'em Soon!! Also over on youtube u can checkout Smithville's Band Too ..... an if u decide too head over on too that site check out my page ;) i also ordered a Rittman Band Shirt ...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

09.27.08 clear forks', Halftime Performance
Metronome Music Halftime Band Show! This Video is Created too Wmfd Mansfield Channel!

Wixy Norwayne High Band Gone Bananas - "Halftime Show"

Halloween Pictures'

*Happy Halloween* i hope Rittman Band dresses up in their costomes this year at the football game ... i have NOT been on latly cuz i've been watching Scary Movies an Shows, Like my Fav. Goosebumps.... i luvv the holiday seasons!

''Rittman (0-7), Norwayne (6-1) High School Football in Northeast Ohio''

From the Pressbox: Chippewa

Cliff Feightner Took This Photo Part One.
Rittman High School Football Game of The Week: ''Homecoming Night against Norwayne''

Rittman7 / Norwayne 52

Next Week i plan on getting alot on Dalton's Band an Football Team Cuz iam a Fan of their's besides Rittman..... an i'll get stuff of Rittman's of course, hehe... Next Saturday is New London's Show i will probly be goin unless if it rains an gets canceled! its suppose to rain friday but i hope it don't ruin Halftime friday Night.... then the week after is Our Show at Rittman Stadium ;*) i didnt go to Lakewood's Band Festival but i do have a photo of our band from that night, i'll post it soon... i got the pic from Our Newspaper!

Band Members - BAND TAG DAY '09

Band Members - BAND TAG DAY '09
Junior; Tuba Player: Nate Myers - the middle member...

Awards 2010 Rittman Band

Awards 2010 Rittman Band

Nathanael Myers

Nathanael Myers
Tuba Player -- Junior --

details on our band show next saturday night

details on our band show next saturday night
Rittman Band Rockin the 2009 Season!

Our Indians!!

Our Indians!!
photo taken by my friend Cliff

(♪\*) Our Homecoming Halftime Show - Playing in the Rainy Weather... (*\♪)

best of 2009! join us for our band festival next saturday night AT Rittman Stadium... 7PM. feel free too ask me anything you want about this event next weekend! if ya wanna attend this show an need directions cuz you dont know where our field is just ask me an i'll give ya em... you wont wanna miss out on this are band show R O C K S !!! bands attending are: rootstown crestview new london mogadore orrville band of style rittman band n more... here's hopeing it dont rain next weekend and ruin our show!!!!!! i hope we get too have it... wow its hard too believe but band season is coming too an end for me cuz are last game i wont be at cuz its away ;( darn... but next fridays game is home its senior night & halloween night for are band =) happy halloween too everyone................

Our Annual Rittman Band Revue is Here!

Our Annual Rittman Band Revue is Here!
Go Indians...

>> Whats ahead for our Band! ♪ <

>> Whats ahead for our Band! ♪ <
Our Annual Band Show ♪ | October 24th at 7PM.

RHS Band - Rittman Band Show Rittman High School


RHS Football Stadium students report to stadium @ 1:00 pm band show begins @
7:00 pm

Contact Ed Sims for more information on this evening of funn...

For Updates on This Either Contact Me or My Buddy Cliff who is our band announcer...

as me and Cliff will have pictures from the show!!!

Rittman Band Show `09

Rittman Band Show `09
Next Saturday Night AT 7PM. Rittman Stadium



i was searching threw my archives and found this

i was searching threw my archives and found this
> Look at what i dug up, take a look at this Cliff, found this in an old newspaper of ours!!!

From Our Show, Last Night

From Our Show, Last Night
Rittman Indian

i love their danceing routine too this song... :)

i love their danceing routine too this song... :)
our best performance yet !!!!!

Rittman Band ''Tuba Player, Nate Myers''

Rittman Band ''Tuba Player, Nate Myers''
Rittman Indian Band

Our 2009 HS Football Team !!!

Our 2009 HS Football Team !!!
we have over 50 players this year, lets kick some a** Indians

2009 2010 Season too Blog!

2009    2010   Season too Blog!
>> Matthew Killough & Cliff Feightner, Bloggers of the Year