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Friday, January 15, 2010

ȯ | ȯ Grandma Beverly + + )( =*)

My Grandma Beverly
ȯ this was taken a few days before she became very sick...
Also Pictures of mee my mom & dad enjoy =*)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ȯ Recaps of "Sheridan Buried Alive Story Arc" Soap Opera Classic; Episodes Coming Soon on Crane Estate Soap Website

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YaY My Favorite Storyline is Coming up in the December Episodes of Passions Sheridan Buried Alive yesss i loved that story it was a tear jerker it was the 1st time ive ever cried over a soap CLASSIC STORY !!!!!! Thanks Reilly for coming up with this 1 it was great =))

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Monday, December 4, 2000 Episode #365Theresa/Whitney: Theresa is busy at home in the kitchen, preparing a meal for her brother Luis. Whitney comes calling. Theresa tells Whitney she is in the middle of a crisis. She has decided to tell Luis about her and Ethan before anyone else has the opportunity. Theresa thinks it is the only honorable things to do. Whitney tells Theresa her plan is not going to work, she is sure Luis is going to go ballistic! Whitney reminds her she has not found Prince Charming but Prince Ethan and Luis will never give Theresa his blessing. Theresa has set the mood in the house. She is going to bombard Luis is memories of their childhood and how close they are and then tell him about her and Ethan. Whitney tells Theresa nothing she can do will change Luis mind about Ethan Crane. Theresa has set the table and admires everything thinking it is all perfect. Whitney tells her again she is just dreaming. What Theresa is going to do will tear her family apart. Whitney begs Theresa over and over again not to do this, as she is sure her family is going to suffer. Whitney reminds Theresa she can count on her family but she can't count on Ethan. Whitney tries desperately hard to get Theresa to realize what is at steak. Is Theresa really willing to hurt her mother and brother on a guy who does not know what he wants? Theresa tells Whitney she is wrong and that she worries too much, after all it is all in the presentation. Theresa is sure she can persuade Luis that Ethan and her are in love. Whitney tells Theresa she better persuade Ethan of that fact first. Theresa is going to tell Luis and she is firm on that.
Sheridan's Funeral: Rebecca wants to talk to Luis. He asks her what it is she wants to tell him but to keep it short. Rebecca remembers sharing her plan with Julian and how much he liked it. Sam asks Pilar why on earth Julian wants to see him about at the mansion after the burial? Pilar tells Sam she does not have a clue. Ivy is worried about what Julian wants to see them about. Ivy thinks Julian has figured out her secret and knows that Sam is Ethans father. Hank asks what it is he has done to Sheridan? Agent Freeman comes to see Hank and asks him how he is holding up. He assures Hank they will soon be making an arrest. The priest assures Ethan and Gwen that Sheridan is in a better place now. Ethan is sure that she is. Dirt continues to be shoveled on the coffin that is underground. Sheridan is alive and she screams for help! Pilar tries to reassure Ivy. She will have to stay calm. Ivy thinks Alistair found out her secret. Pilar reminds her that is impossible, as there is no evidence about Ethans parentage. It has all been destroyed. Ivy knows Julian will destroy her and Ethan if he knows the truth. Sam asks Julian why he has to go to the mansion and wants to know if it has to do with business or personal issues. Julian tells him it is personal. Rebecca tells Luis what she has to tell him is important. Luis tells her they will have to talk later as now is not a good time. Rebecca is sure when she is finished telling Luis, Theresa will never go near Ethan again and the keys to the golden kingdom will be given to Gwen! Luis can't let go of Sheridan. He reflects on all the times they shared together. He kneels down at her grave. Hanks sees how much pain Luis is in and knows it is his fault his best friend is hurting so much. Sheridan is screaming for help and suddenly a light comes on in the casket. Julian tells Ivy to make sure Ethan returns to the mansion after the service is over. He shows Ivy the envelope containing the information Alistair sent him. Ivy tells Pilar it is all over. Sam tells Ivy she has a lot of explaining to do. Hank is worried about Luis. Luis says he waited forever for the right woman and now that he found her, he has no time left with her. Luis is sure if he and Sheridan had kids they would have be beautiful -- just like Sheridan. Hank remembers his setting Sheridan up for her murder. He told her about how she would be in the coffin and what would happen if she got buried alive. There would be a light that would come on and enough oxygen to last two hours. Sheridan was nervous about all the "what ifs." Hank and Sheridan have been in on all of this. Sheridan is really alive and not dead! Hank told Sheridan she would be drugged and it would keep her asleep. Sheridan was scared she could not be asleep through out the whole ordeal. At home, Julian answers Alistair's call. Ethan, Ivy and Sam wonder what they all have in common. Sam is not going to take any lip from Ethan but Ivy stops Ethan from taking a swing at Sam. Ivy tells Ethan everything she has ever done in her life has been for him. She tells him to remember she loves him more than anything. They leave the graveyard to go and hear what Julian has to say. Ivy is very worried. She looks pale. Luis asks Rebecca what it is she wants to tell him. Rebecca answers it is a story about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Hank swore to Sheridan he would not leave her down in the grave very long. Hank has to call Luis to tell him to help him get Sheridan out of the grave. Luis phone rings while Sheridan is having a panic attack. Rebecca tells Luis to ignore his phone. Whey everyone arrives at the mansion, Ethan asks Julian what on earth is going on. Julian tells them they have to wait for Sam Bennett to get there but asks Pilar to mix everyone a drink and to make sure Ivy gets a double. She is going to need it after all! Rebecca tells Luis what she has to say is important but Luis answers his phone just as Hank hangs up. Luis asks Rebecca to tell him what ever it is she has to tell him in plain everyday English. Rebecca agrees. Pierre and Roger show up on the wharf where Hank is. They tell Hank they have so much they have to talk about -- especially why he was calling his friend Luis. Sheridan is worried she will die in her coffin. Sam shows up at the mansion. Julian is happy that the final piece of the puzzle has arrived. He tells everyone all their lives will be changed forever when they leave the library today. Rebecca tells Luis a member of his family is involved with a Crane. Luis says they are all involved with the Cranes and he has to go. Rebecca blurts out that Theresa is Ethans mistress. Pierre pulls a gun on Hank. They know Sheridan is alive and they told Hank he did not get away with his plan. Sheridan is screaming and telling Hank he cant leave her down in the grave -- he just cant...
Tuesday, December 5, 2000 Episode #366The Crane Mansion: Ivy is worried about what Julian wants to tell everybody. Pilar wonders how Alistair could have found out the truth about Ethan, Sam, and Ivy. Julian holds up the envelope as the phone rings. Ethan wonders what could be in that envelope and what it has to do with him and Sam Bennett. Sam tells Ivy he will not deny his past with her if it comes out. Ivy begs him to lie for her, but he will not be part of it. Julian begins by telling everyone you spend years with someone and you think you know them but you have been blinded and played for a fool! Ivy knows she is doomed and Pilar tries to keep her calm; after all they do not know what is in the envelope yet. Ivy yells at Julian to stop. She knows what is in the envelope and she will not let Julian do this to her or Ethan. Julian asks Ivy why she does not want him reading Sheridans last will and testament. Julian reads the will and Sheridan has left money for a camp for under privileged children. The camp is to be called the Katherine Crane Camp - in honor of Sheridans late mother. Ivy begins to get flustered. Ethan asks her why she is so emotional. She tells him she is just so proud of Sheridan for wanting to start a camp for under privileged children. Sam asks why he was called to the reading. Julian informs him and Ivy that the camp has to be headed by Ivy and the current chief of police. Ethan finds it amusing and says Sam won't head it as he is going to make sure, Sam looses his job. They are exchanging hot verbal insults and Ivy demands that they stop. They should not be disrespectful at Sheridans reading of her will. Gwen wonders why Ethan was left out of the will, especially since Ethan and Sheridan were so close. Julian tells Ethan he was indeed mentioned in the will in an indirect way. Sheridan left provisions for Ethan and Gwens future children in her will. Sam tells Ivy he will not serve on the board with her. He will not be put in any situation where Ivy is going to try to come on to him. Ivy persuades Sam to serve with her and to serve for the benefit of the children. Ivy tells Sam they are going to have to spend a lot of time together. Pilar wonders what the heck is wrong with Ivy. One minute she is worried sick her life is going to be destroyed and the next minute, she is coming on to Sam! Julian reads a letter left by Sheridan about Ethan and Gwens future children. Ethan talks to Gwen but Gwen finds the situation too much. The situation has affected Ethan as well as Sheridan always knew what was best for him. Ethan and Gwen hug. Rebecca enters and tells Julian she spoke to Luis. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald will never be a problem for them again. Julian tells Ivy she better schedule a planning meeting about the camp. Ivy asks Sam when he wants to get together with her. Sam replies that he will communicate with Ivy by e-mail and fax only. Ethan tells Gwen he will soon choose her or Theresa and will marry one of them. Julian wants to talk to Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen that Ethan will now choose her. Gwen asks her mother what it is that she has done now. Rebecca tells Gwen Theresa will no longer be in the running...
The Lopez-Fitzgerald House: Theresa is so excited as she thinks that tonight will be perfect. Whitney is still trying to convince Theresa that the night could end in disaster. Rebecca tells Luis that Theresa is Ethans mistress. Luis does not believe her and calls her a liar. Rebecca tells Luis that Theresa has been Ivy Crane's personal assistant for over a year. Whitney tells Theresa she is crazy. Theresa has had pictures of her and Luis blown up to poster size and places them in the living room. Whitney tells Theresa she is really cunning. Theresa is hoping to remind Luis how close they are. Whitney tells Theresa that Luis is going to blow his head off -- if she even lives at all. Theresa thinks the presentation is perfect and it is a good way to tell Luis about her and Ethan. Luis tells Rebecca there is no way Theresa would go behind his back. He does not believe that Pilar would not tell him about any of this and he again tells Rebecca she is a liar. Rebecca tells Luis Theresa went on a trip with Ethan and they were caught together in Ethans bed. Luis doesn't believe any of what Rebecca is telling him. He tells Rebecca Theresa has a boyfriend and he and Theresa are too close for Theresa to have secrets from him. Rebecca tries to convince Luis and she gives him a number of instances where Theresa and Ethan were together. Luis remembers back and wonders what is going on. Luis starts to believe what Rebecca is telling him. He knows Theresa has lied to him about everything. He is furious and he tells Rebecca he wants to be left alone. He tells Rebecca to go to hell. Rebecca is proud of herself and hopes Luis will keep Theresa away from Ethan for good. Luis is so hurt that Theresa has lied to him. Luis comes home. Theresa runs to him and gives him a big hug. Luis sees all the pictures and asks what is going on. Theresa tells him they are going to celebrate how close they are as brother and sister. Whitney is getting ready to leave but Luis tells her to stay. Theresa might just need her. He tells Theresa he spoke to someone who made some accusations about her. He asks Theresa to tell him the truth. He wants to know if she has been seeing Ethan. Theresa finally confesses she has been seeing Ethan. Luis goes ballistic and destroys the pictures. Theresa knows she is in deep trouble...
Hank/Pierre/Roger: Roger and Pierre tell Hank they know Sheridan Crane is still alive and Hank was trying to reach Luis by phone to have Sheridan dug up. Hank is worried. Sheridan is hoping Hank will call Luis so he can dig her out of her grave. Roger tells Hank he knows everything. Hank tries to run from them but Pierre pulls a gun on him. Roger and Pierre want Sheridan to rot in her grave. Hank begs them to not let that happen. They take Hank away. Sheridan is trying to stay calm. She is scared she is going to die if Hank does not get to her soon. Roger and Pierre bring Hank to a warehouse and tie him up. Hank again begs them to spare Sheridans life. Hank promises them Sheridan will not testify against them. Roger and Pierre compare Sheridan to a cat with nine lives. They tell Hank how many times they have tried to have Sheridan murdered and how they came to get Hank involved in the picture. They are happy that Sheridan will now die -- finally! There will be no one to link them to Sheridans death and they can resume their drug trade once again. Hank tells them he does not care what they do to him. Hank informs them he has a partner and he will make sure Sheridan will be dug up. They think Hank is just making the story up about having a partner. Hank tells them Agent Freeman of the FBI is his partner. They find out that Hank is wired. Sheridan is now starting to panic. Hank is mouthing off and he tells Roger and Pierre he can't wait until they get what they deserve. Roger tells Hank to shut up and he is going to kill him. Hank informs them the wire is also a tracking device. Suddenly we can hear sirens. Roger and Pierre run in two different directions. Sheridan is trying to convince herself the ordeal will soon be over. She does not want to die in her grave. She yells out for help. The siren they heard was only an ambulance and went right past the warehouse. Roger and Pierre show Hank they have captured agent Freeman and have him tied up in a closet. Roger and Pierre laugh as they know Sheridan Crane is finally going to die. Sheridan is screaming in her coffin, pulling the material from the top and sides of her coffin...
Wednesday, December 6, 2000 Episode #367The Lopez-Fitzgerald House: Luis is furious with his sister Theresa. He wants to know if she has been seeing Ethan Crane behind his back. Theresa confirms that she has indeed been seeing Ethan. Luis is devastated. Theresa tells him she loves him. Luis does not buy that and says Theresa couldn't love him as she has defied him. After their father disappeared, Luis became the man of the family and thought he took his role seriously. Theresa tells Luis they all look up to him. He does not believe her, as they would not be having their conversation if Theresa looked up to him. Luis only wanted what was best for Theresa. He warned her many times to stay away from the Crane's and Ethan in particular. Theresa tells Luis she only had one real date with Ethan. Theresa is sobbing, as Whitney is listen to everything in the background. Luis goes to get the dresses the Crane sisters were supposed to have given her. He asks Theresa where she got the dresses. Theresa tells Luis that Ethan bought them for her and yes they did go to Bermuda. Luis thinks his sister is a "word" he can't say ... Theresa yells that she is not any of the names Luis must be thinking and she never slept with Ethan. Luis wants desperately to believe his sister, but he never dreamed Theresa would lie to him. He asks her if she ever stopped to think of what the situation could do to her own family? He knows Theresa has pulled the wool over his eyes many times. She has told Luis one lie after another and he ants to know why. She tells Luis it is because she loves Ethan with all of her heart. Luis yells that she does not love Ethan. Luis is upset because Theresa lied to him and he wanted her to make the right decisions in her life. Theresa asks Luis who told him about her and Ethan. Luis says it doesn't matter who told him. Luis wants to know how many times Theresa has been in Ethans bedroom. Theresa tells him she has only been in his bed once and that was only to message his neck. Theresa swears that nothing happened and Luis can trust her as he knows her so well. Luis says he does not know her any more. Theresa is upset and she tells Whitney that Luis now hates her. Whitney replies that he does not hate her but he is very upset. Theresa thinks it is Gwen and her mother who have told Luis about Ethan so Gwen will be able to marry him. Luis never thought Ethan called off his wedding for Theresa. He does not want to see Ethan Crane as he will rip him apart...
The Crane Mansion: Gwen questions her mother as to what she did to make sure Theresa is out of Ethans life. Julian is wondering where Ivy is. Ethan feels he needs some fresh air. Rebecca encourages Gwen to go with Ethan even though she knows he would like to be alone. Rebecca and Julian laugh and are pleased with what a good day it has been for them. Julian feels the camp Sheridan wants set up for under privileged children is a waste of good money. Rebecca tells Julian that she told Luis every thing and added a few details to her story about Theresa. She is waiting to hear an explosion come from the other side of the tracks. Julian and Rebecca are dancing to the Blue Danube in the library. Julian hopes he can spend a lot of time with Rebecca so he can learn all about her assets. Rebecca is marveling at the way Luis reacted when she told him about Theresa. Julian and Rebecca feel their timing was great. Rebecca took care of Theresa and Sheridans will, will make sure Gwen and Ethan become closer. They are sure they can now get Gwen and Ethan married, perhaps in time for Christmas! Ivy enters the room and demands that they back off and leave Ethan alone. She doesn't want anybody interfering in his life. Ivy is going to tell Ethan what Rebecca has done. Outside, Ethan is remembering Sheridan and the day she went to a lawyer to get her will made. They talked about their love lives and Sheridan was so happy Ethan had Gwen. Ethan told Sheridan she would find a true love one day. Rebecca wants Ivy to rethink telling Ethan about what she has done; after all Ivy has a dirty little secret that Rebecca can share with the world. Julian wants to know if Rebecca knows what Ivy's secret is but she tells him she was only bluffing in hopes Ivy will not tell Ethan. Julian tells Rebecca she is one hell of a woman. Rebecca replies that Julian hasn't seen anything yet! Rebecca had a fantasy. Should Ivy's secret destroy their marriage, she would leave her own husband for Julian who is a real man. Gwen finds Ethan. Ethan tells her he is thinking about Sheridans will and what she left behind for their future children. Ethan is sad because Sheridan did not know about the future and the situation he finds himself in. Gwen tells Ethan his aunt Sheridan knew that they were meant to be together. Gwen knows in her heart that she will end up marrying Ethan. Ethan says he really needs to make a decision soon and he will do that. Ethan feels Sheridan knew him so well and it is almost like she is talking to him from the grave. He wants to make a decision soon as to who he will marry. Ivy returns to the library and Rebecca tells her she will not have to hide her good silver when her daughter-in-law comes to visit. Ivy finds Rebecca and Julian disgusting. Gwen returns. Rebecca wants to know what happened and Julian asks her what date they decided on for the wedding. Julian is happy that Sheridans death has brought than and Gwen closer together while Rebecca knows Luis will keep Theresa away from Ethan. They celebrate their victory and toast each other. Ivy is fuming! Ethan informs Gwen he is going to go check on Theresa. She was going to tell Luis about them tonight and he wants to find out how things went. Rebecca and Julian are laughing while Ivy has to stop Ethan from walking in on an explosive situation. Julian will not let Ivy run after Ethan. Ivy tells Julian and Rebecca she hates the two of them...
The Warehouse: Roger pulls Hank's wire off. Pierre is wondering what Sheridan is thinking at the moment. Hank is mad and he tries to attack Roger and Pierre. Sheridan feels the walls of her coffin are closing in on her. Roger and Pierre tie Hank to his chair and tell him not to try anything like that again. Roger is happy because it is Hank and Agent Freeman who will be responsible for Sheridans death in the end. Hank remembers telling Freeman his plan about staging Sheridans murder so the FBI could arrest Roger and Pierre. Hank could not tell Luis about the plan, as they needed his grief to be real. Hank feels guilty, as he knows he has really killed Sheridan after all. Sheridan is screaming in her coffin for someone to let her out. Hank tells Agent Freeman he was sure their plan was going to work. Freeman tells Hank it is not his fault. Roger and Pierre would have killed Sheridan one way or another. Roger feels it is a pity that Sheridan would be able to identify him and Pierre. Sheridan remembers asking Hank to tell Luis about their plan. Again, Hank replies that Luis grief has to appear real. Hank has a proposition for Roger and Pierre. He tells them he would be willing to run drugs for them in the United States if he can call Luis so he can dig up Sheridan. They tell Hank he is in no position to make propositions to them. Sheridan wonders if something has gone wrong. She knows she will die if no one comes to save her. Pierre tells Hank and Freeman they will soon be taking a cruse and they will be fed to the sharks. Pierre and Roger return to their card game, waiting for the boat to arrive. Pierre wants to know how Hank pulled off his scheme. Hank remembers going through the plan with Sheridan, telling her how everything would work. Hank again pleads with Roger and Pierre not to do this to them. Roger and Pierre toast Hank for doing all their work for them. Sheridan is going to die after all -- perhaps she may be dead all ready. Sheridan thinks something must have happened to Hank. She realizes Luis thinks she is really dead and how sad he is. Sheridan will never see Luis again. The light in the coffin goes out. Sheridan is screaming in her grave and going mad!
Thursday, December 7, 2000 Episode #368Tabitha/Timmy: Fluffy the cat is in his huge crate and he wants out. He is hissing and taking fits as Tabitha and Timmy are packing up to leave town. Tabitha is mad at Timmy for selling her manuscript. It contains information from all her three hundred years in Harmony. Tabitha is scared she will be burned at the steak. Timmy tells her they do not burn witches any more, they only do autopsies on witches as they do on aliens. Tabitha daydreams about Doctor Evil, who is Eve, doing an autopsy on her. Eve is going to saw into Tabithas head with a hand saw as witches are supposed to feel pain. When she returns to reality, Tabitha drops what is in her hands. She can't think of what is going to happen when the people from HarperCollins find out she is a witch and Timmy is a doll. Timmy feels he is being torn in two pieces. He too day dreams of Eve who wants to dissect him to find out if he is alive. Both Timmy and Tabitha imagined the same things. They have to get out of Harmony before they are discovered. Timmy finds a bag in the fireplace. Tabitha doesn't know what it is and figures it has been there for at least two hundred years. Tabitha looks at it and remembers it is a bag of forgetful dust. If she can throw the dust in the faces of the people from HarperCollins, then they will forget that she is a witch. The dust has to be mixed with dirt from someone's grave who has just been buried. Timmy knows he has to dig the grave. Tabitha tells him if he doesn't dig, they will end up in an alien autopsy. They leave for the cemetery. They search for a fresh grave. They find one and Timmy admires the flowers. Who ever is buried there, must have been well loved, as there are so many flowers. Timmy is scared and he wants to return to the cemetery in the morning. Tabitha tells him it is his fault that they have to do this so he better start digging. They do not know that they are at Sheridans grave...
The Warehouse: Doctor Russell wonders where Hank and Agent Freeman are. She thinks back on the meeting they had with her, about the plan to stage Sheridans murder. Eve is worried that Hank has not called and she does not want Sheridan to die. Roger and Pierre are waiting for the boat to come and get Hank and Freeman. Hank and Freeman are hoping Eve will call Luis and tell him about the plan. Sheridan realizes that Luis does not know that she is alive. Sheridan accepted Hank's plan to show Luis she was worthy and to help him nail Roger and Pierre. She knows how much he wants to become a detective. She knows Luis will never know she was willing to die for him. Eve feels something is not right. She thinks back on the original meeting and remembers Sheridan wanting to tell Luis about the plan. Hank told her Luis grief has to be convincing. The more Luis will grieve the more Roger and Pierre will buy into her death. Freeman tells her they will finally have Roger and Pierre's confession, as Hank will be wired. Finally Sheridan will testify against them and they will be put away for good. Sheridan is worried that she is really going to die after all. She is running out of air. She thinks back on the meeting when she asked Hank what would happen if his plan did not work. They told her they would get her out of the coffin before she comes to. Sheridan hopes Luis will rescue her as she and Luis have a right to be happy. She is scared she will never see him again and have a family of her own. Eve phones the nurses desk and asks if there are any messages for her. There are none. She knows she can't wait any longer. She has to phone Luis. Suddenly her phone rings. The caller gives her an address and tells her to come right away. It has to do with Sheridan. She grabs her medical bag and leaves. Pierre meets her at the warehouse. She asks him if he was the one who called and if he is from Interpol. He tells her that he indeed was the one who called. Pierre is going to take her to see Freeman and Hank. She tells him to hurry as time is running out on Sheridan. Pierre tells her he knows and smiles. Hank hopes Eve is at Sheridans grave, digging her out. Roger wants to know what Hank and Freeman are talking about. Hank tells Roger he has finally been beaten. Roger tells them he knows about their other accomplice. Hank acts like he does not know what Roger is talking about, until he hears Eve's voice. Roger tells Hank that Doctor Russell never phoned Luis. Hank knows Sheridan will now die for sure. Sheridan can feel herself slipping away. She misses Luis and the future they could have had together. She also misses Ethan. She knows they both hate each other but both men have great hearts. She knows it is too late for any of them.
The Lopez-Fitzgerald House: Luis is very upset with Theresa. Pilar comes home and wants to know what is gong on. Luis tells her he knows about Theresa and Ethan. Luis tells Theresa she and Ethan are finished. Theresa yells NO at her brother. She will not give up Ethan. Luis asks Theresa if Gwen knows Ethan loves Theresa? He compares Ethan to his father and his grandfather. Pilar wants everyone to go to bed and cool off. They can continue this talk tomorrow. Luis wants the complete truth to come out tonight. He asks Pilar if she thinks Ethan and Theresa belong together. Theresa begs her mother to tell Luis that they do belong together. He tells Pilar if she feels they belong together then he does not belong here any longer. He would have failed as a son, a brother and as a man. Luis tells Theresa she is too young to be in love and certainly too young to understand men. He wants Theresa to stop the act. Theresa tells her brother it is no act. Ethan loves her and he will marry her. Luis then asks her how come the ring is on Gwens finger instead of hers? Ethan is just using Theresa. Theresa again tells Luis that Ethan will come to realize that he loves her. Pilar tells Theresa about the reading of Sheridans will and the provision for Gwen and Ethans future children. Pilar feels Sheridan is speaking to Ethan from the grave. Pilar knows Sheridans wishes will lead Ethan to marry Gwen. Theresa is stunned and can't believe what she is hearing. Luis hates to see his sister so upset. Theresa tells him her life is not worth living if she does not marry Ethan. She wants Luis to give him a chance. Luis tells her he will not give him a chance. Theresa tells Luis Ethan is not like the Crane men. He did not get Julian and Alistair's genes. He is not a Crane. Luis wants to know what she means. Pilar explains that Ethan is different. Luis does not care. Ethan will not be stepping into the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Luis will kill him for what he did to his sister. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Luis answers and it is Ethan. The two of them are face to face...
The Grave Site: Ethan is at Sheridans grave. He is so sad. He asks God why He took her away from him. Chad comes with a bouquet of flowers and to pay his respects to Sheridan. Ethan calls Chad a true friend. Ethan tells Chad Theresa is telling Luis about them as they speak. Ethan does not want to hurt Theresa or Gwen but he knows he is gong to have to make a decision as to who he will marry. Ethan needs Sheridan to help him, like she always has. Ethan knows he can't keep Theresa and Gwen waiting forever. Chad asks Ethan what would Sheridan tell him. Ethan tells Chad Sheridan told him what to do in her will. He knows Sheridan wrote the will before she knew Ethan was in love with Theresa, however. Ethan does not want to ignore Sheridans last wishes. He again wishes she were here to give him her advice. Ethan is morning. He tells Chad he knows he will never be a friend with Luis and Luis failed Sheridan and she ended up paying with her life. Chad asks him about all the times Luis saved her in the past. Ethan tells him they do not matter now. Chad asks if Ethans hatred for Luis will hurt his relationship with Theresa. Chad tries to talk Ethan into going home to get some rest. He can go see Theresa tomorrow. Chad will even walk Ethan home and not go see Doctor Russell as he was planning. If he wants, Chad will even go with Ethan to Theresa's house. Ethan tells Chad he has to do this on his own. No matter what happens, Ethan knows he has to be there for Theresa. Before Ethan leaves, he goes to Sheridans grave and places his hand on it.
Friday, December 8, 2000 Episode #369Chad/The Warehouse: Chad is at the hospital wanting to see Doctor Russell. He sees a mother and her son interacting with a nurse. He thinks about finding his own parents. The nurse tells Chad Doctor Russell is not in. She received a phone call and left immediately. Dr. Russell wrote down the address on a pad and the nurse noticed she forgot to take an "important" envelope with her. Once again, Chad sees the mother and the son and he has to find Doctor Russell so he can get his DNA tests run so he can find his own parents. He returns to the Doctor's office and etches the address on the pad of paper that Eve used. He writes down the address and takes the envelope and is off to find the Doctor. Hank is feeling bad. He knows there is no hope for Sheridan. He is sure she is going to die. Pierre brings Eve into the warehouse and she sees Hank and Agent Freeman. Eve figures out that Roger and Pierre are from the drug cartel. Eve tries to run but they tie her to a chair along with Hank and Freeman. There is absolutely no hope for Sheridan now. In her coffin, Sheridan is getting weaker and she is pleading for Luis to save her. Sheridan remembers seeing Luis on the wharf after she was shot. She wishes she told him she was really alive. Had Hank not come along, Sheridan would have told Luis the whole plan. Roger and Pierre tell Eve to save her breath; there is nothing she can do for Sheridan now. Eve realizes they are going to kill her along with Hank and Freeman. They fill Eve in on the plan of how a boat will be coming to pick them up, and bring them to the open Atlantic Ocean. They will be dropped overboard allowing the sharks to eat them. Roger and Pierre will continue to meet a ship and return to Paris to resume their drug business. Roger even says he may return to the United States at some time as Sheridan will be dead and no one will be able to identify him and Pierre. Hank fells badly but Freeman and Eve tell him it is not his fault. What is done is done. They somehow have to get Eve out of the warehouse so she can save Sheridans life. Hank tells Eve if he gets her untied; she has to reach Luis. Eve is worried that the drug she gave Sheridan to put her asleep may have worn off. Hank is scared Sheridan will loose it if she wakes up in her coffin. Sheridan is now gasping for oxygen in her underground grave. She goes unconscious. Pierre leaves the warehouse to go see if the boat has arrived yet. Roger is sending an e-mail on his palm held computer saying that their drug operation is very much alive once again. Eve is telling Hank and Freeman what could be happening to Sheridan. She could be slipping in and out of consciousness, imagining Luis is saving her and then panic. Eventually she will give up and die. Sheridan does have fantasies about Luis saving her. He opens the coffin to save her but it is not true. Sheridan is banging on her coffin pleading for help. Chad arrives at the warehouse and can't figure out what Doctor Russell would be doing at such a place. He thinks he must have the wrong address. He looks in the window and sees Hank, Eve and Agent Freeman being held hostage by Roger. Chad throws a lid from a metal garbage can against the building. Hank screams for help and Roger slaps him with the gun. Roger goes out to find out what is going on. Chad knocks Roger out and he takes his gun. He enters the warehouse and he unties Eve. He does not know what is going on but Eve tells him there is no time to waste. Pierre finds Roger and he enters the warehouse. Chad shoots at Pierre but Pierre takes aim at Chad, and he shoots him. Chad falls to the floor and Eve runs to him.
Tabitha/Timmy: Timmy is digging for dirt so Tabitha can mix it with her forgetful powder and use it on the people from HarperCollins so they will never find out that she is a witch. Tabitha tells Timmy the dirt has to come from the top of a casket. Tabitha is very upset with Timmy. It is his fault she has to make him dig for the dirt as he sold her manuscript. Timmy is complaining as he is getting tired. Timmy asks Tabitha to have her book published under another name. Tabitha knows that will not work, as the Crane's will dig until they find out who the real author is. If Timmy does not want to end up on Alien Autopsy, he better keep digging. Sheridan is banging on her coffin. Timmy is afraid. He has almost reached the top of the coffin. Timmy is sure he hears a sound but Tabitha can't hear a thing. Timmy thinks the sound is coming from the coffin. Tabitha tells him the Cranes are probably looking for revenge and could come out of the coffin with buggy eyes. Tabitha wants to hear no more excuses from Timmy. She needs that dirt from the top of the coffin. Sheridan has stopped knocking and Timmy gets back to digging. Timmy is finally on top of the coffin. Tabitha is sound asleep against a tombstone and Timmy figures the dirt he now has will be good enough. Timmy puts the dirt in a plastic bag and drops his shovel. The shovel hits the lock on the coffin and it opens. Timmy sees that it is Sheridan Crane in the casket and he calls out for Tabitha. Poor Timmy, he falls in the casket next to Sheridan. Timmy thinks Sheridan is so beautiful and says she looks like Sleeping Beauty. He thinks that if he kisses her she may wake up. Timmy kisses the beautiful Sheridan and she opens her eyes. Timmy is scared to death and his hair stands on end!
The Lopez-Fitzgerald House: Theresa is begging her brother Luis, telling him she needs Ethan. She does not want Luis to make her stay away from him. Ethan knocks at the door. Theresa screams out his name as Luis grabs him and says he is going to kill him. The men start fighting. Pilar demands that they stop. Luis tells Ethan to stay away from Theresa or so help him God. He accuses Ethan of wanting to keep his relationship with Theresa a secret. Theresa tells Luis that is not true. Ethan wanted to tell him many times and it was only because of her that he did not tell Luis. Luis does not believe Theresa. Pilar tells Luis to listen to his sister. Theresa tries to make Luis see that Ethan is everything he likes in a man. He is admirable just like Sam Bennett. Pilar begs Theresa to be careful. Theresa tells Luis she loves him and she would be lost without her family but she would die without Ethan. She begs Luis not to keep her and Ethan apart. She does not want to choose between her family and the man that she loves. Luis tells Ethan to keep her hands off of her. He hates the Cranes and tells Ethan they think they own everything. Theresa was only in high school when Ethan first met her. Ethan replies that when he first met Theresa, she was in high school but he never gave her a second thought. Ethan was not trying to buy her, even though that's the way it look to Luis. Whitney is sticking up for Theresa, as does Pilar. Whitney tells Luis Theresa is her best friend and they share everything. Ethan never used Theresa. Luis tells his sister Ethan will never marry her. He tells Ethan he knows about Sheridans will and the provisions for Ethan and Gwens future children. Theresa begs Ethan to tell Luis he wants to marry her and that he does not love Gwen. Theresa asks her brother not to hate Ethan. She does not want them to fight. Again, Luis tells Ethan to stay away from his sister. He figures all the Crane men are the same. Ethan does not want Luis talking badly of his family. Luis replies he will not allow Ethan to hurt Theresa. He is going to protect her. Ethan asks if he will protect Theresa the same way he protected Sheridan. Luis looses it, and he strikes Ethan. The men start fighting. They crash into furniture. Theresa, Pilar and Whitney beg them to stop. Theresa jumps on top of her brother. She hits him demanding he stop the fight. Pilar has had enough. She asks Ethan to leave. If he truly loves Theresa he will never see her again. She was so scared this would tear apart her family and it is now happening before her very eyes. Ethan apologizes to Pilar. He does not want to cause a rift in her family. He knows his love for Theresa is tearing her family apart. Luis of course adds the last word telling Ethan he is damned right. He wants him to go and stay away for good. Ethan tells Theresa he loves her and that is why he has to leave. Ethan leaves and Theresa is doubled over in pain. She is heart broken and sobbing. Pilar tells Luis to go to his sister. Luis tries to talk to Theresa. She tells him she does not want to talk to him and there is no doubt she will not stop seeing Ethan. She runs out of the house calling Ethans name. Ethan returns and hugs Theresa. He tells her he is so sorry and says good-bye.
Monday, December 11, 2000 Episode #370The Warehouse: Pierre shoots Chad. Eve wants to go and get her medical bag, as Chad needs immediate attention. Her bag is in the car. Roger tells her that is exactly where her medical bag shall stay. Roger is very angry and for no reason, he kicks Chad. Eve asks is she can at least check his wounds. Roger and Pierre are happy as no one can now save Sheridan. Finally, she is going to die. Hank is very worried about Sheridan. Chad is loosing blood. Eve is positive that the DNA tests Chad wanted would have helped find his parents. Chad is delirious and asks where he is. Hank feels so sorry for him. Chad sees Eve and he call out "MOM." Eve wants to know if he said anything. She asks him if he is in pain. Roger announces that the boat is off shore and he wants everyone to get ready to go and meet it. Eve implores Roger and Pierre not to leave Chad in the warehouse, as he will die. Roger tells them it is no problem as they are all going to die. Roger reminds them that they are not going on a pleasure cruse. The only good thing about the cruse is that they shall be taking a midnight swim with the sharks in the cold Atlantic waters. Again, Roger tells them everyone is going to die, including Sheridan Crane.
The Crane Mansion: Julian has totally lost it. He is dancing and carrying on in the living room. Suddenly, Alistair comes back on the line. He is happy that Luis knows about Ethan and Theresa. Julian tells him everything is back on track and is sure Ethan will soon marry Gwen. The Crane fortune will double over night once they are married. Alistair is not totally convinced that Theresa is totally out of Ethans life. Alistair gives Julian a word of advice; dont eat it before you cook it! Alistair is sending his son warning signals of what is to come if he screws up. He reminds Julian that he has a track record of letting everything slip into the toilet. Julian wants Ethan to marry Gwen. Ivy comes in the living room and tells Julian she knows Ethan does not trust him. She is appalled at how Julian is trying to manipulate Ethan. Ivy wants her son to make his own choices in life. Julian tells Ivy that their son is going to have to marry Gwen as he will insist on it. Ethan returns home and he tells his parents what happened at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Julian is trying to manipulate the situation again and reminds Ethan of what happened to Sheridan because she was in love with a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Ivy is angry with Julian, as he should not compare Sheridans circumstances to influence Ethan. Ethan tells his father Sheridan was very much her own woman and Julian should not talk of her that way. Julian reminds Ethan that if he ended up with Theresa, she would be totally lost without her family. Ethan decided he can no longer see Theresa if he is the cause of her loosing her family. Julian is more than elated to hear this and tells Ethan he has made the right decision. Julian answers the ringing phone and it is the graveyard calling about Sheridans grave. Julian tells them he is on his way. Before he leaves, Julian tells Ethan to call Gwen so they can spend some time together. Alone with Ivy, Ethan tells his mother that he hurts inside. He is beginning to think that some of the things Luis said are true. He wonders if he is in fact using Theresa. Ivy wants Ethan to sit down and tells him Luis is wrong. There is no way Ethan is like Julian and Alistair Crane. Ivy wants him to marry whatever woman he chooses. Ethan tells his mother he is not stupid and he knows what his dad is trying to do to him. Ethan knows if he married Theresa it would tear her family apart. Ivy can no longer let him continue like this. She is going to tell him ... she is going to tell him, and she cuts herself short. Ivy finally blurts out that Ethan is not a Crane! Ethan wants to know what his mother means by this. Ivy explains that Ethan takes after her side of the family more. Ethan would never toy with anyone. Ethan concludes that being a Crane has blinded him to the thoughts and feelings of others. He is gong to break off his relationship with Theresa. He will no longer see her. Suddenly, Theresa appears and tells Ethan he can't do this as she loves him...
The Graveyard: Timmy has fallen into Sheridans coffin. Sheridan reminds him of Sleeping Beauty and he kisses her. She wakes up and Timmy is horrified! His hair stands on end and he is screaming for his princess. He tells Tabitha they have to save her; Sheridan Crane is alive! Sheridan opens her eyes and does not see Timmy in front of her but Luis. She grabs him and kisses him passionately on the lips. Timmy is on cloud nine! Timmy again calls Tabitha who has been sleeping against a tomb stone. Tabitha wakes up and she comes to see if Sheridan is alive. Sheridan has lost consciousness again and Tabitha tells Timmy she is dead. Timmy keeps insisting that she is alive. Suddenly, a graveyard employee comes along. Tabitha tells him she is so glad he showed up. She was visiting her mother's grave, and she saw someone digging up Sheridan Crane's grave. She continues to tell him there were two gravediggers and they ran off when they saw her. He calls the office to notify them of gravediggers and he starts to shovel dirt back in Sheridans grave. Timmy calls out for his Princess. The fellow wonders what the noise was. Julian Crane arrives and asks what on earth is going on. The man starts to explain saying the lady told him ... but there is no lady. Tabitha jumped in Sheridans grave afraid that Julian Crane would see her. The man is starting to shovel dirt in Sheridans grave but Julian tells him not to waste his time. He has called a cement truck to come and fill in Sheridans grave with cement so no one will be after her jewels. The cement truck arrives and Julian is directing it to the gravesite. Tabitha and Timmy make their escape. Timmy is so agitated. He tells Tabitha Sheridan is still in her coffin and she is alive. Tabitha does not want anything to do with the Cranes and tells Timmy to let it RIP. (Rest in peace) Sheridan wonders what is going on. She hears a noise and she starts to bang on the top of her coffin again asking for help.
The Lopez-Fitzgerald House: Theresa runs out of the house and calls Ethans name. He returns and hugs her telling her he is sorry. Theresa is devastated. She screams at Luis telling him he has ruined her life and it is his entire fault. He is no longer her brother. Pilar is beside herself. She asks her children not to fight. Theresa and Luis continue to argue. Luis tells her she is too young to be in love. Theresa does not want Ethan to come between her and her brother but if it comes down to the line, Luis can't keep her away from Ethan. Luis tells her he will indeed keep her away from Ethan. Theresa will not be marrying Ethan Crane. Theresa tells Luis she always thought he wanted her happy. How can he keep her away from Ethan, knowing how much it will hurt her? Luis asks his mother how she could lie to him all the time Theresa was working at the Crane mansion. Whitney goes to see Theresa in her room. Theresa has to convince Luis that she is right. Theresa tells Whitney she is sure Ethan will ask her to marry him. She knows she and Ethan are soul mates. Ethan loves her, but she is afraid of what Ethan will do if he realizes what that love will do to her family. Pilar tells Luis she never thought the situation would go this far. Ivy made Theresa a great offer and Pilar thought it would help Theresa in her career as a designer. Ethan tells Pilar all the Cranes are selfish. Pilar argues with him saying Ethan is not selfish. He is nothing like Julian or Alistair Crane. Luis does not agree and reiterates that Ethan had better stay away from his sister. Whitney asks Theresa if having a relationship with Ethan is worth loosing her brother. Theresa tells Whitney she is going to go to Ethan and she will elope if Luis can't support their relationship. Whitney asks how long Theresa going to live this fantasy? It is not going to happen because Whitney will not let it happen. Theresa begs Whitney as her best friend to give her a chance to find happiness with Ethan. She wants Whitney to cover for her, as she would do it for her in the same circumstance. Pilar asks Luis what he is going to do about his sister. He tells his mother that he is going to take her to their Aunt Marie's house. He may have to go in debt to save his sister but it will be worth it. They will leave first thing in the morning. Luis is going to tell Theresa. He knocks at her bedroom door. After several attempts, Whitney comes out, telling Luis Theresa wants to be left alone and she thinks it is a good idea. Luis has to talk to his sister now and he enters her bedroom. He can't find Theresa. She is gone! He notices the open window. He yells out her name. Theresa stops momentarily and looks back towards her house saying she is sorry but she can't loose Ethan. Luis wants to know if Theresa is going to elope with Ethan. He goes to the closet and he gets his gun. Pilar is worried as Luis says that no one is going to stop him from bringing his sister back home...
Tuesday, December 12, 2000 Episode #371The Lopez-Fitzgerald House: Pilar is begging Luis not to bring his gun to the Crane mansion in order to bring Theresa back home. Pilar is assuring Luis that Ethan will not take advantage of Theresa. Luis of course does not believe this, and tells his mother she always asked him to protect the family. That is what he is trying to do now. Pilar tells Luis that Ethan is not like the rest of the Crane men but Luis does not believe this. Pilar says Ethan does not use woman the way Alistair and Julian do. Luis tells his mother if she can tell him Ethan is not a Crane he will not go and get Theresa. Pilar remembers when Theresa found the suitcase, containing Ivys documents proving Ethan was Sam Bennetts son. Pilar can't tell anyone Ivys secret. Luis has to bring Theresa home and no one is going to stop him; including Crane security. That is why Luis is bringing his gun. Pilar begs her son not to go but Luis leaves any way. Whitney, who is still at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, tells Pilar she thinks everything is going to be okay. Whitney knows Theresa really does love Ethan. Pilar wishes she had Whitneys confidence and her courage. Pilar tells Whitney she thinks that Whitney is in love with Chad. Whitney denies being in love with him. Pilar advises Whitney to never deny what is in her heart. Pilar and Whitney have a nice talk. When Whitney leaves, Pilar lights candles and says a prayer for Luis and Theresa. She hopes everything will be okay.
The Crane Mansion: Ivy has left so Ethan and Theresa can be alone to talk. Ethan asks Theresa why she brought her backpack with her. Theresa tells Ethan the only way to get through this mess with Luis is for them to elope. Ethan knows what Luis will do if he finds out they are together. It is for that reason that he tells Theresa they can't elope. There is no way they can start a life together, especially since Ethan hasnt even decided if Theresa is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Ethan can't run off and get married. Ethan loves Theresa but he also loves Gwen. He does not want to have to let Theresa choose between her family and him, as he knows Theresas family is too important to her. Ethan does not know what he would do if he were forced to loose his own family. The Cranes have their problems, but he still loves them all very much. Theresa begs Ethan not too push her away because of Luis. Ethan wonders what if Luis is right and he uses people. He thinks he may not have grown into the Crane way yet and is perhaps not aware that he uses people. Theresa tells Ethan she loves him and she can't loose him. Ethan can't put Theresa through the pain, and he cant decide whom to marry. He asks Theresa if she is willing to loose Luis on a chance that he might decide to marry her instead of Gwen. Ethan feels he does not deserve to be loved by Theresa. Luis arrives at the mansion and pounds on the door. Theresa is scared, but Ethan feels it is time to settle this situation once and for all. Theresa tells Luis she is not leaving, after he tells her to grab her things and to come with him. She is going to stay with Ethan. Luis asks Ethan when the wedding is? Ethan informs Luis he has not decided whom he is going to marry yet. Luis begins to pull Theresa but she breaks free of him. Theresa again tells Luis she is going to stay with Ethan and she will not leave Ethan for him.
The Graveyard: Sheridan is banging on her coffin, begging for someone to save her. She does not want to die. Julian has ordered a cement truck to come and fill in Sheridans grave with cement, so no one can rob her grave again. Julian asks the worker how long it will take because he is cold. The man tells Julian the colder it is, the longer it takes the cement to mix. The man looks in the grave and notices that one of the latches on the coffin is not attached. He jumps in the grave to take a closer look. While in the grave, he tells Julian he thought he heard a voice. He wonders if Sheridan is dead. Julian assures him that Sheridan is indeed dead. The cement begins to pour in the grave. Julian knows Sheridan will now rest in peace. He leaves the graveyard...
The Warehouse: Eve wants to help Chad who is shot and bleeding. Roger tells her she can't help him. Pierre unties Hank and Agent Freeman as the boat has arrived to pick everybody up. Hank tries to hit Pierre but Roger will kill Eve if they try anything. Roger and Pierre bring everyone out on the wharf to meet the boat. Eve asks them what they are doing with Chad. They are going to bring Chad with them, and feed him to the sharks as well! Hank pretends he has a sore ankle. Roger orders him to get up but Hank says he can't. When he sees his chance, Hanks and Freeman attack Roger and Pierre. A fight breaks out. Eve sees a gun on the ground. She is going to try and get to it, but suddenly, a man from the boat arrives and grabs Eve, pointing a gun to her. He orders Hank and Freeman to stop fighting with Roger and Pierre or Eve will die.
The Bennett House: Simone and Kay are talking. Kay is feeling sad because she still does not have Miguel. Hecuba now owns Kays soul. Kay can't get in the Christmas spirit. Grace wonders if Kay is all right. Sam and TC bring in the Christmas tree. They are going to trim the tree but they can't trim the tree until Eve arrives. TC wonders where Eve is and asks Simone if she knows. Simone has not heard from her mother for a while. TC is going to call the hospital to find out if Eve is still there. Jessica, Miguel, Charity and Simone are getting Christmas baskets together. Jessica has baked some of her famous Christmas cookies to go in the baskets. Sam wants Kay to cheer up, as Grace is worried about her. Kay remembers when Hecuba turned her into Charity so she could make love to Miguel. The plan did not work as the real Charity showed up at Miguels house and Kay turned back into herself. Kay says out loud that it didnt work. Kay hears Hecuba tell her it didnt work and she still owns her soul. Sam and Grace talk to Kay. Sam wants to know why he has not received her Christmas wish list yet. Grace asks her what she wants for Christmas and Kay replies she wants a soul. Hecuba warns her not to tell her parents about her. Sam and Grace question her about the meaning of her soul. She clarifies by saying she wants a fur stole. Jessica hears this and tells Kay she can't be cruel to the poor animals of the world. While trimming the tree, TC talks about Nancy Walters quitting the track team. He wonders why. Jessica tells TC that she quit because she is pregnant. Sam and TC wonder about kids these days. Miguel asks Sam if he can talk to him. They talk about the right time for young people to have sex. Sam tells Miguel men should respect their women as sex is a very powerful thing, and it can lead to lots of trouble. Charity talks to her Aunt Grace about Miguel and when it is the right time to make love. Grace tells her she has to trust the boy and to wait and listen to the teaching of the church. Grace wishes she had the perfect thing to say to Kay at the moment, since Kay seems so down in the dumps. Kay is in her bedroom. She wants Hecuba to show her face so she can yell at her. Hecuba shows up and Kay tells her she wants her soul back. Hecuba asks Kay is she is sure she is ready to take her on. Kay tells Hecuba she has to have her soul back because she did not get what she wanted. Hecuba reminds her that she gave her the opportunity to make love to Miguel, but she was too slow getting it on with him. They made a deal. Kay begins to choke Hecuba. Sam is telling Miguel about peer pressure. When Sam met Grace his life changed. His life became special and exclusive. Miguel understands that Sam is telling him should he ever lay a hand on Charity before they are married, Sam will kill him! Miguel gets the meaning. They begin to trim the tree. Charity remembers hanging one special ornament on the tree every year with her mother. Sam bought a special tree ornament with all the Bennett's names on it, including Charitys. She is touched and Sam tells her she is very much a part of their family. Kay still wants her soul back from Hecuba. Kay tells Hecuba she probably still has her soul and she doesnt believe Hecuba has any real powers. Hecuba demonstrates her powers to Kay. She takes her soul from her. Hecuba is jumping up and down on the bed like an excited child, declaring she has Kays soul. Kay sees the test tube that contains her soul, and declares that the soul is hers. Down stairs, everyone is decorating the tree except for Kay and Eve. Sam turns on the lights. Everyone starts singing The First Noel. Sam hopes that everyone in Harmony is as happy as they are right now. As Noel is playing, we see all the people in Harmony and what they are doing at this moment. Most of them are thinking of their loved ones.
Wednesday, December 13, 2000 Episode #372The Warehouse: Eve pleads with Roger and Pierre to let her try to stop Chads bleeding. If she does not stop it, he will die. Pierre reminds her he is going to die anyway, just like Sheridan Crane. Eve wakes Chad up. Chad wonders where he is and what happened. He slowly remembers what is going on. Pierre holds a gun over Eve and Chad. Chad knows that they are going to kill Eve, Hank, Freeman as well as him. He remembers calling out "mom" when Eve first looked over him in the warehouse, after he was shot. Eve asks Chad what it is that he is thinking. Sheridan is pleading with God to let her have a chance to be happy. She wants to be with Luis and she certainly does not want to die. Eve shares a tender moment with Chad. She tells Roger and Pierre if they take Chad with them, they will end up getting caught. They ask her to elaborate and she tells them that even though Chad is now conscious, he has lost a lot of blood. The police will see the blood and the trail of blood left behind, if they take Chad to the boat. They will investigate and then the national and international coast guard will search for them. They will be caught and be put in jail where they ultimately belong. Roger believes Eve's thinking is correct so Roger and Pierre decide to leave Chad on the wharf. Eve tells Chad to drag himself to safety when they leave. Roger and Pierre lead Eve to the boat. Chad tries to move but he is handcuffed to the wharf. Sheridan is wondering why no one has come to save her. She knows she is running out of air. Chad is trying hard to break free from the wharf. He uses his brute strength and determination and he manages to get himself free. Chad wonders what kind of man he is if he doesn't try to save his friends. Chad gets up and he sees Roger, Pierre and Eve heading towards the boat. Roger and Pierre tell Eve not to be sad. Chad comes at them. Roger has had enough and he shoots Chad. Chad falls in the water as Eve screams out that they have killed him. In her coffin, Sheridan can't breathe...
The Bennett House: Hecuba is telling Kay she never really truly appreciated her soul when she had it. Kay wonders what she has done? She feels cold, and Hecuba tells her it is not the room temperature that is making her feel this way but the fact that she now has no soul. Kay is mad at Hecuba because she did not get a chance to make love to Miguel. Hecuba reminds her that she had set everything up for her. Kay wants her soul back and wants to know what she has to do in order to get it back. Hecuba thinks about this and tells her she never gives people's souls back ... however there may be one thing Kay could do for her, so she could get her soul back. She wants Kay to help her get rid of Charity. Miguel gives Charity an ornament for the Christmas tree. He tells her she is the closest thing to being an angel that he has ever seen. He wonders if God sent Charity to him as a special gift. Someone is knocking at the door and Sam goes to answer it. It is Pilar. She does not want Miguel to know she is there. Pilar tells Sam what is going on with Luis. He has gone to the Crane mansion to bring Theresa back home. He has also brought his gun with him. Sam is worried Luis will do something irrational. Sam tells Grace he has to leave to take care of something. Grace gives Sam some of her fresh Christmas cookies just out of the oven before he leaves. Whitney shows up at the Bennetts. TC is happy to see her but Simone wonders where she has been. TC tells Simone Whitney has probably been practicing tennis. Simone doubts that very much and as always, is suspicious of her sister. Jessica asks her mother if Kay is still in her room? Kay asks Hecuba why she wants to get rid of Charity. Kay does not really care for Charity but she does not want any harm to come to her cousin. Hecuba feels Charity is too good, and she is her archenemy. Hecuba knows Kay could come in handy in trying to get rid of Charity. Kay wants a definition of the word eliminate that Hecuba uses in reference to Charity. Hecuba tells her not to worry. Once she is finished with Charity, Kay will have everything she has ever wined about. She wants to know if Kay will help her or not. Grace knocks at Kay's door. Hecuba shrinks and stands on the television set. Grace knows Kay is not in the Christmas mood so she brought her some cookies and cocoa. She asks Kay what is wrong? Grace kisses her and feels that Kay is freezing. Perhaps she is coming down with something? When Grace leaves, Hecuba informs her that even her mummy is worried about her. Without her soul, Kay will not be loving anything; even the Christmas season that she use to love so much. Once again, Hecuba tells Kay she will return her soul to her if she helps her with Charity. Charity, Jessica, Simone and Miguel are decorating the Christmas baskets for the senior citizens in the nursing homes of Harmony. Charity just loves doing this! The kids are talking and they feel sorry for Luis. They know it is hard to loose a loved one especially over the Holiday Season. Simone asks Whitney if they can have a truce. Whitney tells Simone she is not chasing after Chad and Simone replies that she is glad as she considers Chad her boyfriend. Hecuba tells Kay she is offering her one sweet deal but it is a one time only offer. Kay wants to know what it is that she will have to do, and Hecuba tells her she will have to get her a number of things. The first item is a strand of Charity's hair from her head. Kay wants to have some time to think things through. Hecuba agrees but she may change her mind so Kay had better hurry up with her decision. Whitney asks TC if he has heard from Eve. They think she is still at the hospital caring for a special patient! Miguel placed missile toe over him and Charity. They kiss as Kay is coming downstairs. Hecuba is now sitting on the deacon's bench and she tells Kay she is always going to be an outsider without her soul. Kay can't bear to see Miguel and Charity kissing and she tells Hecuba she will help her!
The Crane Mansion: Julian returns home from the graveyard and he is cold. Rebecca greets him and wonders what happened when Ethan went to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home. Julian tells her what Ethan told him. Julian feels Ethans marriage to Rebecca's daughter is a done deal. Gwen overhears what her mother has done and she is furious with her. She told her not to tell Luis. Gwen tells Rebecca if Ethan ever finds out Rebecca told Luis about Theresa, she would loose him for good. Luis is in the living room with Ethan and Theresa. He wonders how Theresa can love Ethan when he is only using her like all the Crane men have used women for generations. He asks Ethan to tell Theresa he loves her right now and he will marry her if he is wrong. Gwen is angry with her mother and tells her she has ruined everything. If Ethan finds out the truth, he will blame Gwen and not Rebecca. She is scared Ethan will never want to see her again. Ivy enters and she is angry with Rebecca and Julian for meddling in Ethans life. Luis accuses Ethan of dangling two women on a string at one time, as he can't decide whom he wants to be with. Theresa tries to tell her brother it is not Ethan who is doing this -- she is. Ivy tells Gwen, Rebecca and Julian that Ethan is with Theresa and Luis in the living room as they speak. They all enter the living room. Theresa asks her brother who told him about her and Ethan. She wants to know who it was that has ripped their family apart. Rebecca suddenly stands very stiff! Sam Bennett arrives and he runs into the living room, trying to restrain Luis. Julian is furious that Pilar has brought him to the mansion and accuses her of inviting her own friends to his house. He demands that they leave at once and use the back door. Ethan yells at his father to stop. Pilar tells Julian she is capable of speaking for herself. She brought Sam with her, as she was scared of what Luis might do. Pilar asks Theresa to come home with her. Theresa refuses saying she is not leaving Ethan. Theresa then lashes out at every one in the room, telling them real love does not care about social class. Luis can send her to the darkest corners of the earth but that is not going to stop her from loving Ethan. Luis finds Theresa's speech very touching but reminds her Ethan is still a Crane and she will not marry him. Ivy tells her son not to let any one dictate their feelings to him. Rebecca is agitated and tells Julian his wife if at it again and asks Julian to do something about it. Ethan tells everyone he has had enough and he is gong to decide tonight who he will marry. He is sorry for what he put Theresa and Gwen through and he hopes the girls will not hate him. Pilar wants Luis to leave now but he tells his mother he will not leave without Theresa. Julian hopes Ethan will be true to his bloodlines and Rebecca asks Ivy why she is working against them. Once again, Ivy answers that Ethan is his own man and he has to choose real love and not wonder what could have been years from now. Rebecca seems to think that Ivy is talking from personal experience. Theresa goes to see Ethan who is outside. She tells him she meant everything she said and she will always love him. She kisses Ethan before she returns to the house. Ethan is all glossy eyed. Rebecca asks Ivy if she has some long lost love. She wonders if perhaps her old flame does not return her feelings and that is what is holding Ivy back. Gwen finds Ethan as well. Ethan apologies for everything he has put her through. Gwen tells him she feels their getting married is right, but he is the one who has to feel that as well. Gwen use to be able to read Ethans mind, but she no longer can. She wishes Sheridan were here right now as she could help them sort things through. She asks Ethan to think of why she is still wearing his engagement ring. She truly believes in "us." Pilar asks Luis what he will do if Ethan chooses to marry his sister. Luis tells his mother Theresa will have to be a widow, as he will kill Ethan. Ethan enters the living room. He tells every one what he is about to do it the hardest thing he has ever done. Someone he loves is going to be hurt before the night is over. He has searched him mind, his soul and his heart and he has finally made his decision ...
Thursday, December 14, 2000 Episode #373Tabitha/Timmy: Tabitha is rushing to get the dirt Timmy dug up from Sheridans grave together with the power she has. This mixture with the forgetful powder will make the publisher from HarperCollins forget about Tabithas book. Timmy is worried about Sheridan Crane. He knows she is alive and remembers being in the coffin with her and seeing her open her eyes! Tabitha tells Timmy they can do nothing to help Sheridan now, as Julian had her grave filled with cement. The cement will be hard and Sheridan is dead. Timmy is beside himself and knows he has to help the beautiful Sheridan whom he kissed. Timmy goes to the phone can calls 911. Seeing what he is doing, Tabitha grabs the phone from him. Timmy is arguing with his princess. Once again, Tabitha tells Timmy Sheridan is dead and they will also be dead if the forgetful dust does not work. They have to make the publisher forget all about Tabithas book. The publisher from HarperCollins arrives, and asks to meet Timmy. Tabitha shows the publisher the doll. Tabitha grabs her book from the publisher while the publisher wonders if Timmy is Tabithas alter ego. Timmy has to respond to that, saying he is a lot of things but he is not Tabithas alter ego! The publisher screams in shock as she realizes Timmy is not a doll but he is alive. Tabitha questions the woman about Timmy being alive. She swore she heard Timmy speak. Tabitha explains that was not the doll speaking, it was her! Tabitha says she is an armature ventriloquist, and demonstrates what she can do. The publisher is totally amazed! The woman from HarperCollins tells Tabitha she loves her book. She is sure it will be on the best seller's list. Tabitha tells her that the book is not for publication and she is going to have to forget all about the book. Tabitha beings to sprinkle the forgetful dust around the publisher. The dust does not seem to be having an affect on the woman and Tabitha asks her if she is at all feeling different. The publisher says she is not feeling different. Tabitha tells her she should be forgetting her book. The lady says the only thing she is forgetting is a pen for Tabitha to sign the publishing contract. Tabitha is graceful and thanks the lady for coming all the way from New York but she will have to turn about and go back. The woman tells Tabitha she is a witch. Tabitha informs her the terms she prefers is sorcerous. The information Tabitha has on Sam and Ivy will be smashing. Timmy asks for an advance on the book. The publisher thinks she knows what is going on and thinks it is magic. She is dealing with an author who has a duel personality. One part of the personality want to have the book published while the other part does not want to have the book published! Again, Tabitha says she is not going to have her book published. The publisher is now threatening legal action. Tabitha is trying to figure out what went wrong with the forgetful dust. Timmy tells her the dust did not work, as the dirt had to come from the grave of a fresh corpse and Sheridan Crane IS NOT DEAD! Tabitha wants to figure out a way to stop her book from being published or they too will be dead. The publisher gives Tabitha the contract and offers her a big fat advance. Tabitha refuses and the publisher is trying desperately to make deals with Tabitha. While she is trying to persuade Tabitha to sign the contract, Timmy gets up, goes to the chair where the contracts are sitting and he signs it himself. Tabitha is angry with Timmy and says the signature is not legally binding, as Timmy is not real. The publisher tells Tabitha she will have to challenge them in court. Before she leaves, the lady tells Tabitha she is going to be famous the world over!
The Bennett House: Chad is alive and is in the water. He sees that Roger and Pierre have taken Eve, Hank and Agent Freeman in the boat. He is determined to get help for his friends. TC wonders what they haven't heard from Eve. Miguel and Charity are together and Miguel senses something is wrong with Charity. Charity feels something evil is about to happen. Hecuba is telling Kay if she wants her soul back, she is going to have to help her. Simone is again asking Whitney if she is after Chad. They can't be sisters if Whitney in love with Chad and if she is after her man! Hecuba wants a strand of hair from Charity's head. Kay goes to Charity and Miguel. Miguel is elated that he is with his best friend and the girl he loves more than life itself. Kay wants her soul back and can have it if she gets some hair from Charity's head. If Kay helps Hecuba get Charity, Hecuba will help Kay get Miguel. TC asks Grace if she is all right. Grace feels she is in the presence of evil. Simone wants to know why Whitney refuses to talk about Chad, when a knock comes to the door. It is Chad who is at the door. He comes in and he collapses. They see that Chad has been shot. Miguel calls an ambulance. TC brings him to the couch. Chad tries to tell them about who has Eve, Hank and Agent Freeman and what is going on. Chad tells them it is Roger and Pierre who are responsible for this. TC knows if they have Eve, Hank and Freeman they are sure to kill them. TC wants to know where they are. He questions Chad and finds out they took them away but Chad passes out before he can tell them where they are. TC tries to get Chad to wake up but he won't. Simone begs her father not to hurt him. Whitney is worried about her mother and knows they have to help her. Kay is talking to her mother. Grace is feeling the presence of evil and wonders why there has been so much evil in Harmony this past year. She feels evil in her living room and it is not due to Chad being shot. She feels the presence of evil among the people she loves. Grace tells Kay she still feels very cold and wonders if she is okay. Chad comes to and tells TC they were on the dock and Roger and Pierre took Eve, Hank and Freeman on a boat. TC wants to call Sam and he asks Grace for the Crane's phone number. After TC spoke to Sam, he phoned the harbor patrol to find out what boats have left the harbor. Chad keeps calling out Sheridans name and everybody wonders why. Simone thinks he is trying to tell them Eve is going to die like Sheridan did. She is worried and Whitney comforts her. Hecuba asks Kay is she is worried about her Uncle Hank? If so, Kay should pray for him ... but she can't. She doesn't have the equipment to pray as Hecuba has it in the test tube! If Kay wants her soul back, she is going to have to get moving and get her some of Charity's hair. Kay joins Miguel and Charity at the door, waiting for the ambulance. She pulls some hair out of Charity's head and explains her bracelet must have got caught up in her hair. TC is leaving to meet Sam and Luis on the wharf. His daughters tell him to be careful. Charity is talking to Grace, telling her she shares Grace's feeling that there is evil present. Grace can't shake the bad feeling. Chad continues to say Sheridans name and Simone wonders why...
The Crane Mansion: Ethan has decided whom he will marry. Rebecca tells Julian it had better be Gwen. Ivy hopes Ethan will marry for love and not have to suffer like she has in a loveless marriage. Ethan begins by apologizing to Gwen, Rebecca and his parents for calling off the wedding. Ivy tells Sam she should never have let her family decide whom she had to marry. She knows she would have married Sam and they would have been happy together. Same tells her to stop her foolishness. Rebecca and Julian are wondering what Sam and Ivy are whispering about. Gwen grabs Ethan and tells him all she has ever wanted was to be his wife. Theresa is watching with a stunned look on her face. Gwen tells Ethan they can still be together and they can get married wherever he wants. They don't have to have a big fancy wedding, a judge will do. Ethan says he was always sure he would marry Gwen and they would have children. Looking on, Theresa tells her mother she has lost Ethan. Continuing with his speech, Ethan then says when he saw Theresa every thing changed. Luis demands to know how long this is going to take. Ethan explains that Theresa turned his world upside down. Luis asks who Ethan wants to marry. Ivy talks to Sam, while Rebecca and Julian wonder what they are talking about. Ethan is about to make his important announcement. Suddenly, the phone rings. Pilar is about to answer, and Luis tells her to let the dam Crane's answer their own phone. Pilar tells Luis as the housekeeper, it is her job to answer the phone. It is TC Russell, calling for Sam. Julian tells Pilar to tell TC he will have to call back as the future of Crane Industries is in jeopardy. Sam takes the call and TC informs him of what is going on. Julian says be that as it may, there are no Crane's involved so they have to get back to the matter at hand. Ivy lashes out at Julian for being so cold. Julian asks Ethan whose hand he will ask for in marriage. Will it be the fare Gwen or ah.....while looking at Theresa with disgust. Sam and Luis are on their way to the wharf. Ethan says he wants to go as well. He does not trust the Harmony Police Force. Julian tells him to stay put and pick his woman. As Luis leaves, Pilar tells him to be careful. Ivy asks Sam to watch out for Ethan as he is all she has left. Ethan tells everyone they are gong to have to wait for his announcement, he has to leave. Rebecca goes to her daughter and tells her she is sure Ethan will pick her for a bride. Theresa hugs Pilar and tells her Ethan has to be all right, he just has to be! Sam and Luis leave. Sam tells Ethan if he screws things up he will hand cuff him. The girls each wish Ethan well. After Ethan has left, Gwen talks to Theresa. They know that when Ethan returns he will give his decision and both of their lives will be changed forever.
Friday, December 15, 2000 Episode #374Tabitha/Timmy: Tabitha wants to send the publisher from HarperCollins to the basement to see her friends. She tells the publisher she is hoping they will pressure her to not publish her book. The publisher receives a call from New York City, and she tells them about Tabitha and the fact that she thinks Tabitha has a dual personality. After the call is finished, she decides she definitely wants to interview Tabithas friends in the basement. As Tabitha is leading her towards the basement door, Grace Bennett is coming to Tabithas front door. The publisher tells Tabitha she really dropped the hammer on her as there are so many things she is finding out about Tabitha. She knows the money from the sale of the book is going to pour in. Sitting in the chair close to the door, Timmy daydreams about all the money pouring in, when he opens the front door! Grace knocks on the door. Tabitha is out of sorts and thinks Grace's timing is great. Grace has brought a fresh batch of Christmas cookies over for Tabitha. The publisher asks if she is Grace Bennett, the wife of Sam Bennett, and then asks her what she thinks about Sam and Ivy Crane. Grace is confused. The publisher is going to read the section in the book about Sam and Ivy, but Tabitha grabs her book. Grace questions Tabitha about the book and Tabitha tells her it is just a bunch of notes she has kept over the years. Grace wonders if Sam is in the book because he is a local hero, and Tabitha agrees with that. Grace is going to have to wait until the book comes out, to read what Tabitha has written about her husband. Suddenly, the friends in the basement make a noise, and Grace thinks it is Tabithas pipes that are acting up once again. Grace offers to look at the piper for Tabitha but she yells NO! Tabitha says she will take care of them and Grace is surprised that Tabitha is a do it your selfer! Grace tells the publisher how Sam would fix the piper for Tabitha in a moment if her were here, but he is on a case. Grace tells Tabitha about the premonition she had earlier about evil being close by. She was worried about Tabitha so that is why she came over, to check up on her. She invites Tabitha and her doll Timmy to spend Christmas Eve at the Bennett house. Tabitha tries to back out of it, but Grace will not hear of it. Grace then leaves for home. Having seen everything that has been going on, the publisher thinks it is times to leave. She is scared that Tabitha is really evil. She grabs the book from Tabitha, and tells Tabitha she will soon be a star. Tabitha replies that she is afraid of that. When the publisher is gone, Timmy is singing a song. He's got big martimmys in his hand, instead of the whole world in his hands. He also has a big fat check in his hands. Timmy is not worried about the future at all, while Tabitha is scared that everyone will soon be coming after them as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.
The Wharf: Sam, TC, Luis and Ethan are on the wharf and Sam is looking to see if he can see the boat that Eve, Hank and Agent Freeman are on. Ethan finds Sam is not working fast enough so he calls for the Crane helicopter to be ready in five minutes. Sam and Luis tell Ethan to back off because if Roger and Pierre hear a helicopter, they will kill Eve, Hank and Freeman. On the boat, Eve is calling for Chad. Roger tells her Chad is probably dead like Sheridan Crane. Hank, Eve and Freeman are hand cuffed to the rail of the boat. Roger and Pierre tell them they are waiting for the tide to turn so they can throw all of them over board. Roger is pleased, as he knows Hank's plan did not work and since Hank did not tell Luis about Sheridans fake death, not even Luis can save Sheridan. They finally got what they wanted. At the graveyard, workers are beginning to fill Sheridans grave with dirt. The concrete that Julian had poured over her coffin has hardened. No one will ever get to Sheridan now. Sheridans grave is sealed forever. Luis wants desperately to get Roger and Pierre if it is the last thing he ever does. Sam is afraid that it might just be the last thing Luis ever does if he does not use a cool head. Ethan is getting restless again and wants to go on his own boat. Sam tells him he is not going on his own boat or going with them. He is going to have to stay back and let them do their job. Ethan decides he will do as he is told. Sam is saying they have to be extremely careful, as they will probably be out numbered and out gunned when they get to the boat. Hanks asks Roger and Pierre to let Eve go. She has children, a husband and is a well respected Doctor in the community. Freeman tells Hank not to blame himself for the blotched operation. They took a chance and they lost their gamble. Eve knows she will never see TC or her daughters again. She beings to panic. She wonders how Sheridan will spend her final moments. She knows Sheridan will start having fantasies and then she will think she is very happy and it will all be over. In fact, Sheridan is having a fantasy. She is with Luis and her children on a picnic. She tells Luis she has never been happier. Hank tells Freeman and Eve he is not going out without a fight. He wants Eve to grab the lifesaver and swim as hard as she can when they are thrown over board. Roger tells them the tide has turned. Ethan is arguing with Luis as they are preparing to leave in their boat. Sam tells them to get in the boat. Theresa is worried and wants to stop Ethan from going with Sam and the others. Pilar prays the men will be safe. In her fantasy, Sheridan asks Luis and Ethan to be friends. Sheridan wants to see the two men embrace like brothers. She wants Luis to do that one final thing for her. They do embrace, and Sheridan knows she can now die in peace. In her coffin, Sheridan thinks this has really happened. Pierre unlocks Hank, Freeman and Eve. Roger holds a gun on them. They are going to tie them down with weights, so they will sink. Hank and Freeman grab Roger and Pierre and a fight starts. Eve goes for the lifesaver. TC wants Eve to return to him safely. He pledges he will kill the bastards with his own hands if they hurt Eve. On their way to the boat, each man is remembering something. Sam remembers Grace giving him the Christmas cookies before he left. Ethan remembers kissing Theresa, while Luis daydreams he comes home to Sheridan after he was finished in Washington. Luis calls out Sheridans name and Ethan looks over at him. In her fantasy, Sheridan says good-bye to her two children. She asks Ethan to be Luis friend. She says good-bye to Ethan as she does to Luis. She walks into the bright light and she disappears. Luis and Ethan stop rowing and they pull up along side the boat. Ethan wants to ask Luis to give Theresa a message for him should he not make it. Luis says he will do no such thing and Sam tells them to stop and be quiet. Sam assumes they will be outnumbered so before they board the boat, he tells everyone to be extra careful. The captain grabs Eve and tells Hank and Freeman to stop the fight or he will shoot her. Roger is mad and tells Freeman and Hank they will pay for this. Roger tells them this was a mistake. Hank and Freeman are going to have to watch Eve die first. They start to tie the weights to Eve. Sam is on board the boat as is TC. As Luis climbs on board, he says he is doing this for Sheridan. Sheridan is walking in a white gown in the light. Hank tells Roger he will be a marked man. Roger and Pierre are trying to throw Eve over board. Theresa calls out for her mother. She tells Pilar she feels something terrible is about to happen to Ethan. She remembers telling Ethan she loves him. Sheridan is walking into the light. Luis calls for her but she tells him he can't come with her. Grace arrives on the wharf and she tells Pilar she could not stay away. She feels terrible that the Crane family has been torn apart by Sheridans death and hopes nothing will happen to Ethan. Theresa is scared and she is praying. She asks God to keep Ethan safe. She will do anything, even give up her love for him, if God will keep him safe. The captain almost discovers Ethan climbing up the side of the ship. Had it not been for Roger calling out to him, he would have found Ethan. Sam, TC, Luis and Ethan run for Roger and Pierre just as they throw Eve over board. A fight breaks out. TC jumps in the ocean after Eve. A worker on the boat has drawn a gun but he can't shoot at any one as people are going every where! Sheridan walks towards the light, after she says good-bye to Luis. She tells Luis to look for her in his heart, as she will always be there.
Monday, December 18, 2000 Episode #375Tabitha/Timmy: Timmy is on the phone and he is ordering ingredients for making his martimmys. Tabitha is lying on the couch and she is in agony. She does not want her book to be published and they have to find a way to keep it from being published. Tabitha hangs up the phone on Timmy. Timmy reminds Tabitha that she is broke, and has no money. Having her book published is the answer to all their problems. Tabitha tells Timmy to get his head out of the clouds. Their main problem at the moment is keeping a close eye on Charity and Miguel. They will be toast if Charity and Miguel should make love. Tabitha has a strange feeling that something bad is happening at the Bennett house. She has to find out what is going on over there. Timmy has the check the publisher left them, and he wants to deposit it in the bank. Once again, Tabitha says no because if her book is published, they will be in deep trouble. Timmy thinks of how famous they will become and he dreams of all the talk shows he will be on and the book signings he will attend. Tabitha smells sulfur. This is the smell of evil and it is coming from the Bennett house...
The Bennett House: Everybody is wondering what is going on with Sam, TC, Luis and Ethan. Simone and Whitney are at the hospital with Chad and it is reported that he is doing well. Miguel tells Charity he is happy they are together. Kay is watching this and Hecuba asks her why is she torturing herself? Hecuba tells Kay Miguel will be hers once she helps her destroy Charity. Miguel asks Charity if she is cold and if she would like him to build up the fire. She says she is not cold and is sure it is evil that is making her cold. Kay tells Hecuba she wants her soul back now. Hecuba reminds her of the deal they made. Kay does not care about the deal, she only wants her soul back. Kay will not get her soul until she does the things that Hecuba wants. Charity enters the kitchen where Kay is and tells Kay she knows exactly what is going on and why she does not feel like celebrating Christmas. Kay's eyes almost jump out of her head until Charity tells her it is because she misses Noah so much. Grace, Pilar and Theresa return to the house and everybody is asking what is going on. They are all told that they have to trust that Sam, TC, Luis and Ethan know what they are doing. Tabitha is spying on them and wonders what they are talking about. She still smells the sulfur and Charity and Grace also have a bad feeling. Tabitha knows if both Charity and Grace sense Sam is in danger then Timmy and her are more than dead. Grace asks everyone to say a prayer for all the men. Hecuba tells Kay she can't pray with them, as she needs a soul in order to pray. Tabitha wonders why Kay is not praying and why the smell of sulfur is stronger. Tabitha has a plan and she is going to send Timmy to Kay's room to see what is going on. In her room, Hecuba tells Kay she has another errand for her to run. Kay says no and she grabs Hecuba's vile containing her soul and they start to fight over it. Tabitha is now in the house and she can't figure out how Eve Russell is involved with Sam and the men after Grace has told her what is happening. She hopes they will all be okay. Theresa is telling Miguel the story of her and Ethan and how sure she was that Ethan was going to choose her before he was called away. Miguel tries to reassure Theresa. Theresa says she is praying for all the men and she told God she would give Ethan up if He only kept Ethan safe. Charity tells Theresa she does not have to make bargains with God. They all want the men to return alive. Hecuba grabs Kay and she zaps her to the ground. She has something for Kay to do and she has to do it if she wants her soul back. Timmy hears Kay's voice. He enters her room and he sees Hecuba. He wonders what the old witch is doing, and he remembers Tabitha telling him not to go near her. He feels Kay is truly in trouble. Jessica asks where her sister went and Charity is going to go check on her. Grace gives Tabitha, Pilar and Theresa a nice hot cup of tea. Tabitha wants to read Theresa's tea leaves to help pass the time away, but Pilar and Grace feel this goes against the teachings of the church. Theresa tells them it is all right as long as it is only done in fun. Tabitha sees interesting things in Theresa's cup. She sees Theresa crying as well as all of Harmony crying in the church. Timmy wonders what Hecuba is doing with Kay. Hecuba tells Kay is it important she tell no one what is going on. Charity comes to Kay's room. She finds Tabitha's doll outside the door and wonders what it is doing there. She picks him up. Charity can hear Kay talking and wonders whom she is talking to. Tabitha says she does not see a funeral in the tea leaves. Grace asks her about her friend Eve. Tabitha says she can't answer specific questions. Theresa wonders why everyone is in a church. Theresa is sure it is for her wedding. She asks Tabitha if that is what she sees. Tabitha tells her she will tell her as soon as things become clearer.
The Rescue Mission: On the wharf, Pilar tells Theresa her brother and the others are in great danger. She prays that they will all return safely. Grace knows Luis and Sam are trained to handle such situations but she is very worried about TC and Ethan. On the boat, Sam, TC, Luis and Ethan attack Roger, Pierre and their gang. Eve is thrown over board and she is sinking to the bottom with the weights attached to her. TC jumps in after her. Hank and Agent Freeman wonder how Sam got here and they know they have to let Luis know Sheridan is alive. They just hope they will be able to get to Sheridan in time to save her. Sheridan is walking in the bright white light that is calling her. She sees her mother and is so happy. Her mother tells Sheridan that it is not her time yet to be called home. Her mother talks about Ethan and she warms Sheridan that there are things she does not know about Ethan. She can't tell her what they are. Her mother also tells her there is a man named Luis who loves her with all of his heart. For that reason, Sheridan's soul is bound to earth. Sheridan does not have very much time and her life is hanging in the balance. There is a fight on the boat. Sheridan and her mother can see it all. Luis has Roger and tells him he killed Sheridan. Grace tells Theresa and Pilar to come to her house as they are cold and there is nothing they can do standing around on the wharf. Grace offers a prayer for her friend Eve. Eve is sinking and TC is going after her. The Captain of the boat is fighting with Sam and looks like he is hurting him pretty good. Sheridan wants all the men to come back alive. Sam beats the Captain. Everybody seems to be beaten so Sam tells Luis to help him cuff the bastards so they will be able to help TC rescue Eve. Roger suddenly appears and has a gun pointed on Hank. He orders Sam to back off or his brother will be shot. Agent Freeman is unconscious. Sheridan wonders where Roger came from, as it appeared that all the bad guys were down. Roger has had enough of Luis and he pull a knife on him. Sheridan yells out to Roger not to hurt Luis. The fight continues. Pierre pulls a gun on Ethan and tells him he is gong to die. Eve is sinking and TC is trying to get the weights off of her. Sheridan is worried about Ethan and calls out to Luis to save him. Luis heard her. Luis runs over and grabs Pierre. The gun goes off but it misses Ethan. Luis saved Ethans life. Ethan thanks Luis but Luis tells him it is only part of his job. TC brings Eve to the surface. Sam tells Roger to let Hank go. Sheridan feels that the earth is slipping away from her. Hank is knocked out. TC calls out for help and this distracts Pierre and Roger. The fight continues. Sheridan is begging Hank to wake up and tell Luis that she is still alive. Hank is out cold. Sheridan's mother tells her it is time to go. Her time is finally up. They walk towards the bright light. Sam jumps in the water and helps TC bring Eve on board the boat. Eve is uncurious. TC begs Eve not to leave him. Sam and TC begin mouth to mouth and rescue measures. Hank gets up and tells Luis and Ethan that Sheridan is not dead. He repeats himself and Ethan and Luis both look stunned. In her coffin, Sheridan says she loves Luis and her hand drops to her side. Has she expired...?
Tuesday, December 19, 2000 Episode #376The Bennett House: Tabitha is reading Theresas tea leaves. She tells them the men will all return safe from the rescue mission. Grace asks Tabitha if Eve will be all right but Tabitha does not know. Tabitha sees a wedding. She tells Theresa she will be able to tell her soon if it is her wedding, once things become a bit clearer. Everyone wants Tabitha to stop reading the tea leaves except Theresa. Pilar especially feels that reading the tea leaves will give Theresa false hope and Theresa will get her hopes up. At Kays bedroom door, Charity can hear Kay talking to herself. Hecuba warns Kay that Charity is just outside her door. If Kay rats on Hecuba, she will never get her soul back. Timmy hopes Hecuba will not hurt Charity. Hecuba says she has to leave, as she can't be in the same room with Charity. Charity is pure goodness while Hecuba is pure evil. Kay wants to know why she ever found her old life boarding. Once again, Hecuba warns Kay not to turn her in, or she will never get her soul back nor will she ever get Miguel. She tells Kay that Charity can't help her retrieve her soul. Kay tells Hecuba she wants to tell Charity, and Charity enters her bedroom and asks her what it is she wants to tell her? Charity puts Timmy on the bed. Theresa asks Tabitha what she sees in the tea leaves, but Pilar and Grace both ask Tabitha to stop. Pilar says Theresa would be crushed if Ethan chooses Gwen as his bride. Pilar does not want Tabitha to read her tea leaves but Tabitha tells her it is unfortunate as she can see a man from her past returning to her life after a long absence. Theresa and Miguel think it may be their papa or their brother Antonio. Pilar does not want to hear any more. Tabitha is going to leave as she feels she has made matters worse. Suddenly the phone rings, and Grace answers. It is the harbormaster who called on Sam's request to let Grace know that everyone is all right. All Theresa can think of is the fact that Ethan will now choose her for his bride. Timmy hopes Kay will not tell Charity about Hecuba. Miguel enters Kays bedroom to tell Charity and Kay that everyone is all right and the rescue mission was a success. Hecuba warns Kay she will keep her soul forever if she tells Charity. Charity knows there is something wrong with Kay and she wants to know what it is. Charity notices that Kay has no Christmas spirit. Laughing, Hecuba says that is not the only thing Kay is lacking! Kay remembers when Hecuba took her soul. Hecuba again warns Kay not to blow the whistle on her. Kay tells Miguel and Charity she wants to talk to the both of them. Tabitha asks Grace if she can help with the dishes and Grace kindly declines Tabithas offer. Tabitha sees something in Graces teacup. She tells Grace she sees the same thing in her cup that she saw in Pilars cup! Tabitha hopes Grace is not cross. at her for playing her little game. Grace goes back in the house and Tabitha predicts that Theresa will come see her any second. Theresa comes to see Tabitha. Gwen is out for a walk and she is listening to what Tabitha is telling Theresa. Theresa really believes that Tabitha was seeing her wedding to Ethan. An over excited Theresa runs off to find Ethan. Gwen follows her. Gwen catches up with Theresa and she asks what she was talking to Tabitha about. Theresa tells Gwen the men have returned from the rescue mission and everyone is fine. Gwen informs Theresa that she will never marry Ethan Crane, as he is hers no matter how many tricks Theresa may have up her sleeve! Gwen says Theresa is using desperate measures to try and get Ethan. Gwen knows Ethan always turns to her in his time of need. Tabitha is wondering what is keeping Timmy. Timmy is hoping he will not get caught in the crossfire between Hecuba and Charity. Hecuba tells Kay not to move too fast and tell Charity, or Miguel and Charity will marry and Kay will end up as a made of honor. Miguel tells Kay she is not making any sense. Kay reassures Charity and Miguel she is really all right. They tell Kay if she needs to talk; she knows where to find them. After they leave, Kay demands to have her soul back. Hecuba takes Timmy and throws him out the window. He lands on Tabitha and Tabitha falls. Tabitha demands an explanation from Timmy. Timmy tells Tabitha there is indeed pure evil in the Bennett household. Theresa has to go and find Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa that she will become Ethans wife. Theresa admires Gwens confidence but reminds her that the "rich" do not always get what they want. Tabitha tells Timmy she read tea leaves. Timmy tells Tabitha he saw Hecuba in Kays room. She was there and she is working with Kay. Tabitha wants to know if Timmy is telling her the truth and Timmy assures her he is. Tabitha says this is very bad news. Miguel tells Charity he does not think Kay is okay. Charity feels the same way. Charity feels Kay is missing something but she can't put her finger on it. Kay asks Hecuba what else she has to do. She did give Hecuba a strand of Charitys hair. Hecuba tells Kay she wants the destruction of all the good people in Harmony. Grace and Pilar are talking about Tabithas reading. They do not believe any men from their past will be returning to their lives. Grace feels Tabitha was perhaps talking of Noah. Pilar goes in the living room to gather dishes. The angel returns to tell Grace a man from her past is returning and she has to be prepared...
The Rescue Mission: TC begs Eve to return to him. Eve awakes and tells them they have to get to Sheridan. Hank is telling everyone they have to return to Harmony immediately and Eve tells them they have to hurry. Ethan feels Eve bumped her head but Hank tells them that Sheridan is buried alive. Sheridan can see everything that is going on. She knows they are trying to get to her. Sheridans mother also sees this, but tells Sheridan she has to come with her into the light. Sheridan wants to be with Luis. In her coffin, Sheridan is asking Luis to save her. Sheridan is begging her mother to stay a little bit longer. Her mother can actually see the expressions on the men's faces. Hank asks Sam to radio ahead and have people dig up Sheridan. Sam tells Hank the ship to shore radio is not working. Hank wants Sam to make the boat go faster. Agent Freeman tells Hank he is giving Luis false hope. Sheridan is dead by now. Sheridan is begging them to save her. She is still alive. Sheridan is thrilled that they are on their way to save her life. Her mother is not certain if Sheridan is going to live, or if they are going to have to go towards the light. Hank tells Luis and Ethan what happened. Ethan and Luis are out for blood. Everything was faked and staged so they could catch Roger and Pierre. They needed Luis and Ethans reactions to Sheridans death to look real. Hank never thought their plan would go this far. Ethan can't believe what he is hearing. He will hold Hank personally responsible if Sheridan is dead. Luis asks God for a miracle. Sheridan hopes Luis will hurry. They finally arrive on shore. Sam is asking for back up at the cemetery and on the wharf. He wants Roger and Pierre arrested for murder and brought to jail. Luis, Hank, Ethan and Freeman are on their way to the cemetery in a police car. Hank tells Luis he is sorry but Luis tells him not to say a word. They have to get to Sheridan. Luis mind wonders to that last day he was with Sheridan. He told her it would be the longest 24 hours of his life. He remembers that last kiss and how he felt about Sheridan. The car stagers and Hank yells at Luis. Ethan sticks up for Luis. They arrive at the cemetery. They start digging. Sheridan sees them and hopes they are gong to get to her in time. Her mother tells her it is time to go. There is nothing she can do. They walk towards the light. As Luis is digging he begs Sheridan not to die. Agent Freeman throws down his shovel in despair. He thinks this is useless. Luis suddenly hits something solid. Ethan says Sheridans grave has been sealed with cement. Ethan wants to know who is responsible for this. They know they may never get Sheridan out in time. Luis and Ethan look at each other ... they are terrified...
Wednesday, December 20, 2000 Episode #377Tabitha/Timmy: Timmy's princess refuses to believe that Hecuba is with Kay at the Bennett house. Timmy is trying to convince her. Tabitha tells Timmy she and Hecuba are mortal enemies and have been for three hundred years. Tabitha is sure it is Timmy's imagination running wild, making him believe he saw Hecuba. Timmy swears on a pitcher of martimmys that Hecuba is there. Timmy says Hecuba makes Fluffy look like an angel to him. Tabitha is sure Timmy must have fallen asleep, and dreamt he saw Hecuba. She is not buying his story. Tabitha is telling Timmy about reading Grace, Pilar and Theresa's tea leaves. She knows the ladies would be soured for good if they knew exactly what their future held in store for them. Timmy asks Tabitha to read her own tea leaves, if she is not too scared. She agrees to read them, just for the heck of it. She finds that every thing is just hunky dory when suddenly, Hecuba shows up in her tea cup. Tabitha drops the cup. Tabitha demands to know what Hecuba is doing here and Hecuba tells her when Kay and Miguel came into her cave, the curse that Tabitha put on her three hundred years earlier had been broken. Tabitha is not going to get rid of Hecuba as easily this time around. Tabitha can't send her away, as she is has fallen and no longer has her powers. Hecuba describes Tabitha as all washed out as a card carrying witch. Once Hecuba succeeds where Tabitha has failed, Hecuba wants to move into Tabithas house. Hecuba tells Tabitha she can live wherever she pleases. Hecuba is sure Tabithas friends in the basement will not let Tabitha hang around. Tabitha vows she will stop Hecuba but Hecuba wants to know how she is going to do that ... perhaps with her little Ken doll? An angry Timmy replies that his name is Timmy. Hecuba declares herself the queen of evil, and it will give her great pleasure to see Tabitha fall. Timmy tells Tabitha her book will make her rich and famous. Hecuba grabs the book and reads from it, telling Tabitha if the book is published she won't have to get rid of Tabitha as the people of Harmony will get rid of her as they did three hundred years ago. Hecuba is about to leave and does not want to be shown out. Timmy tells Tabitha he is not afraid of Hecuba. He was only pretending. Hecuba lets out a "Boo" and Timmy runs to his princess. Tabitha tells Timmy he should just save himself as bad times are coming...
The Crane Mansion: Ivy blasts Julian and Rebecca for celebrating when her son and others are in danger. Julian is sure Ethan is all right as he is sure Ethan will choose Gwen and not Theresa as his bride. He gives the women Christmas cheer and asks them to join him in a celebratory drink. Ivy tells him things are not over yet. Rebecca tells Ivy she is not helping their cause. Julian believes Gwen is the woman who can make Ethan happy, and Rebecca agrees with him. Ivy says the claws are out and accuses Rebecca of going after Julian before and after they were married! The door bells rings and Julian is put out that the servants will not answer. Rebecca tells Ivy she is not surprised by anything that Ivy would or could do. Julian has received a Christmas present and he is put out, as the delivery boy seemed to have wanted a tip. Ivy said the delivery boy must be new, as he doesn't know Scrooge lives at the mansion! Julian wants to open the present but Ivy tells him it is for Ethan. Julian does not care and he opens it any way. Inside, he finds plans for a big home. Plans for a house for Ethan and Gwen. Julian and Rebecca are naturally elated. Julian says his father is such a good judge of character and Ivy tells him that is why Alistair has disinherited Julian! Rebecca gives Julian a Christmas decoration for the tree. She was sure they were going to be family by now but Julian reminds her they will be one big happy family by next Christmas. Julian adores the decoration. Ivy tells Julian he is counting his chickens again. Pilar enters and tells them that everybody on the rescue mission have returned safely. Rebecca is sure Ethan will now return and announce he will choose Gwen as his bride. Pilar tells them Ethan will not be returning any time soon, as Ethan and the others are trying to dig up Sheridan's body. There is a possibility she is alive. Julian drops the new decoration, and it falls to the floor smashing into hundreds of pieces. Julian asks Pilar if she has been drinking. He has never heard of such trash. Sheridan is dead and buried. Julian is angry. There is no way Sheridan could have been buried alive. Ivy wonders if this could be true. Julian refuses to listen and puts on more Christmas music. Ivy tells him he is one hell of a guy. Julian replies that if Sheridan is alive, he will put a present under the tree for her. Rebecca tells Julian it could be helpful if Sheridan were alive. Ethan would be so happy to see her and he would never go against his aunt's wishes. Ethan and Gwen are sure to be married then. Ivy asks Pilar if she really thinks Sheridan is alive. Ivy knows Luis truly loves Sheridan and Pilar is worried that if Sheridan is dead, Luis will have lost her a second time around. Ivy is worried about Ethan and his father. Rebecca wonders what Ivy is talking about, as Ethans father is right here with them...
The Rescue Mission: On her way to find Ethan, Theresa tells Gwen she does not want to keep arguing with her. She wants to leave to go see Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa even if Ethan should choose to marry Theresa; she will never let Theresa marry him. Pilar finds Theresa and Gwen and she tells them Sheridan may still be alive. Gwen hurries to go find Ethan. Theresa wants to go as well. She tells her mother Ethan needs her. At the graveyard, the men are digging; hoping to reach Sheridan before it is too late. Ethan finds Sheridan's grave has been sealed with cement. People can't believe this, and Sam stops Luis, telling him there is no way they will get to Sheridan now. Luis is devastated. As he hits the cement, Luis remembers the last time he kissed Sheridan. Sam wants to know who has sealed the grave with cement. Ethan wants to call Crane construction to get a crew to take away the cement. Luis says there is not enough time for that and asks him to go find the grounds keeper for more tools. Eve is scared and she tells TC she is worried for Sheridan. Gwen and Theresa arrive at the graveyard. Eve tells them everything, including the fact the people's grief have to be convincing so Roger and Pierre could be caught. She continues to say that Roger and Pierre found out about the plan and kidnapped all the people who knew about it. The men are picking away at the cement. In her coffin, Sheridan's finger is moving. She is standing in the light with her mother. Sheridan sees the men trying to save her. Sheridan's mother wants her to come with her but Sheridan tells her Luis is close and he will save her. If she is going to die, Sheridan wants to know if Luis will be all right. Her mother agrees and shows Sheridan the future. Luis has aged and he looks so lonely. He goes to Sheridan's grave and lays flowers. Hank tells his friend he has to move on with his life. Luis says he is never leaving Sheridan's side. Sheridan tells her mother she does not want to die. Her mother tells her it is not up to her. Sheridan's time has run out. The men have finally broken through the cement. Sheridan tells her mother she loves her and is so happy to see her again after all these years but she wants to say on earth and be with Luis. Suddenly, Sheridan feels strange. Her mother tells her it means she is crossing over to the other side. They walk toward the light. Sheridan's mother can't do any thing to keep Sheridan alive on earth. After the cement has been removed, Luis sees the coffin. He tells Sheridan to hang on for him. Sheridan wants to wait a minute but her mother says they can't. Sheridan's sees Luis and tells him if he can hear her, she will always be with him. She will be with him forever. They walk in the light and they disappear. Luis knocks the latch off the coffin and opens it. They are going to get Sheridan out. Luis finally has Sheridan in his arms and he tells her every thing is going to be okay. Every one is looking on in doubt. Luis is holding and talking to Sheridan and Eve wants to examine her. Luis has to let Eve examine Sheridan. Eve tells everyone Sheridan is gone. Sheridan has died. Ethan hugs Gwen in comfort. Hank is devastated and states that it is his entire fault. Luis yells out as he holds Sheridan in his arms...
Thursday, December 21, 2000 Episode #378Hank blames himself as Luis grieves for Sheridan. Meanwhile, Theresa watches Gwen consoling Ethan and bitterly wishes that she was the one with her arms around the man she loves. Ivy reminds Pilar that she's stayed in a loveless marriage for more than twenty years solely to preserve the secret of her son's paternity. Highly suspicious of Ivy, Rebecca quizzes Julian about his wedding day. Hank explains to his astonished brother how Roger and Pierre blackmailed him into rubbing out Sheridan. Ethan realizes he can't leave Gwen and Theresa hanging any longer because life is just too short. Watching from heaven as Luis mourns, Sheridan appeals to her late mother to intercede on her behalf. Luis sadly apologizes to his sister for trying to keep her away from Ethan. Sam reads Hank the riot act after hearing his brother's sordid tale. Rebecca finds another clue to Ivy's secret while sifting through the Cranes' wedding album. Luis and the others celebrate when Sheridan miraculously begins breathing again.
Friday, December 22, 2000 Episode #379The Crane Mansion: Julian is sitting on his bed, calling out for Rebecca to return so he can have more of her plumb pudding! Pilar walks by; thinking Rebecca is in Julians room with him. Julian opens the door, thinking it is Rebecca and is embarrassed that it is only Pilar. Pilar wonders what on earth Rebecca is up to. Ivy is in the bathtub and she is day dreaming of Sam. He comes to her, and she tells Sam he is all she has ever wanted. Sam loved her once and Ivy wants him to love her again. Ivy keeps dreaming and wishes that her dream of Sam would come true. Little does Ivy know that Rebecca is in her bedroom, searching for something. Pilar enters Ivys room and calls out for her. Rebecca hides. Pilar asks Ivy if she has seen Rebecca, as she is worried Rebecca is looking for and could find things that only Ivy and Pilar know about concerning Sam. Rebecca can hear the two women talking and she says she all ready knows Ivys secret. Julian is now looking for Rebecca. He is boarded all alone in his bed. Ivy finds Rebecca in her room and demands to know what she is doing. Rebecca tells Ivy she is worried about her and wanted to know if she could do any thing to help. Ivy knows this is a pack of lies. Ivy also knows that Rebecca has slept with her husband. Rebecca finds it very strange that Ivy is not mad at her. Ivy explains if it wasn't Rebecca Julian slept with, it would have been one of the maids. Julian enters the bedroom wanting to know if any one wants to share a nightcap with him... Ivy finds Julian appalling since he is not grieving for Sheridan. Julian thinks it is horrid that he has buried his sister once, and is now going to have to turn around and bury her again. He has never in his life heard of anything so ridiculous as burying someone alive. Julian asks Rebecca if he can talk to her, and then two of them leave Ivys bedroom. He asks Rebecca what she was doing in Ivys bedroom. Rebecca tells him she was searching for something and when Julian asks if Ivy knows that they slept together Rebecca tells him yes. Julian is crushed that Ivy is not mad that Rebecca has slept with him. Rebecca tells him Ivy did not give a damn. Ivy is scared that Rebecca may have seen the picture of Sam and Ethan in her locket. Julian hands Rebecca a drink. Rebecca asks Julian what would he do if she gained her freedom from her husband and if she managed to get Ivy free of Julian? Julian answers that Rebecca would then become the next Mrs. Crane if she could accomplish that. Ivy tells Pilar that the locket has not been tampered with. Rebecca has not figured out how to open it. Pilar is very worried that Rebecca will not stop at anything to uncover Ivys secret. When that happens, Ivy will loose every thing she has worked so hard for.
The Hospital: Grace has found Sam and Hank. She asks who is responsible for burring Sheridan Crane alive? TC asks Eve how she is doing, and she tells him she is not doing very well. TC wants her to go home and get some sleep, but Eve can't sleep while Sheridan is in a coma. Eve is upset. She tells TC she has lost Chad. Eve thinks Roger and Pierre killed Chad. Chad hears Doctor Russell's voice and calls out to her. Eve is overwhelmed to find Chad alive. She runs to Chad, crying with joy. Whitney walks in and sees her mother hugging Chad and crying tears of joy. Luis, Theresa, Ethan and Gwen are waiting for news about Sheridan. A Doctor tells them that Sheridan has lapsed into a coma, and they need permission to keep Sheridan alive on a respirator. Grace is distressed to learn that Hank is the one who is responsible for what has happened to Sheridan. Sam rakes his brother over the coals. He tells Hank he is the same screw up he has always been, always looking for a score. This time, Hank even tried to con Sam on his own turf. Roger and Pierre had something on Hank, and they blackmailed him into killing Sheridan. Sam asks him what the hell is going on in that head of his? Hank admits to Grace that every thing Sam said is true. Eve thought Chad was dead. She thinks it is a miracle that he is still alive. Eve tells TC that Chad took a bullet for her. TC calls Chad a hero. The woman from the trauma unit tells Ethan that the issue has to be raised about Sheridans wishes as she is in a severe coma. Luis tells everyone that Sheridan is going to live but the trauma worker says someone is going to have to make the decision for Sheridan. Ethan drew up a living will for Sheridan. It was Sheridans wishes that should any thing ever happen to her, she did not want to be kept alive by machines. Luis grabs Ethan and tells him, Sheridan has to be kept alive and if it is by a machine then so be it. Sam tells Grace he was so sure Hank had changed. Risking Hank's life by putting his life in the hands of an innocent woman is unforgivable. Sam is not going to put up with his brother any more and tells Hank they are through. They are no longer brothers. Eve apologizes to Chad for all the things she thought of him in the past. She feels so badly for everything she has put Chad through. Chad tells Eve to put all of that behind them. Truly sorry, Eve is crying. She tells Chad she was afraid of him because she thought he was different, but Chad tells her they have a lot more in common than she thinks. Eve tells him she owes him her life. Chad asks her just to help him find out who his mother is. Eve tells him she will help him with that but she feels she owes him so much more. Luis does not want Ethan to let Sheridan die. He will do anything to keep her alive. He will fly in the best doctors from Europe if he has to, but he does not want Sheridan to die. Gwen yells at Luis to stop, as does Theresa. Ethan remembered Sheridan and him drawing up the living will. Sheridan did not want to put Ethan in any kind of circumstance where he would have to make critical decisions for her. The Doctor returns and both men ask her how Sheridan is doing. The Doctor tells them she does not have good news. Grace asks Sam to forgive Hank. Sam tells her he is not going to forgive him this time as he has done so many times in the past. Sam is not going to take any more chances with his former brother. Hank has tears in his eyes as he listens to Sam. Eve tells Chad she will treat him as an equal from now on. She also tells him her daughters are so lucky to have him in their lives. Eve feels he is a fine young man and she tells Whitney she was all wrong about Chad. If Whitney does not want to keep her distance from Chad, she will not object. The Doctor tells Ethan and Luis they are going to have to wait for the results of the MRI to see if Sheridan will be able to breath on her own. She will let them know, as necessary arrangements are going to have to be made. Ethan tells the trauma worker there is a copy of Sheridans living will in the hospital. Sheridans wishes were not to be kept alive by machines. Grace begs Sam not to disown his brother, but Sam tells Hank he is no longer allowed to go near his family or his children. Sam leaves to check in with police headquarters. Grace encourages Hank to go after Sam. A confused Ethan asks Gwen if it would be wrong to go against Sheridans wishes. Ethan believes it is a Christmas miracle that Sheridan was really not killed. Gwen tells Ethan they will get through this rough time together. Theresa walks in while Ethan and Gwen are embracing. She tells them the Doctor has returned with the test results. Alone with Sheridan, Luis is telling her he wants to bring her back. He will do anything to bring her back here with him. He kisses her on the forehead. Hank tells Grace he has no right to ask Sam for his forgiveness. He wonders what would happen if someone would ever threaten the girls because of him. He is going to pack up all his things and leave Harmony. Whitney and Chad really appreciate what Eve said, and they will not let any thing stand in the way of their "friendship." Whitney tells Chad she always does what her mother asks. Chad is elated. The nurse enters, bringing Chad's jacket and tells him to get dressed. He is being realized. She asks Chad if Whitney is his girlfriend. He replies she is not his girlfriend "yet"! The Doctor tells Ethan and the others, that the MRI shows the chances of recovery are very slim for Sheridan. The only thing that will keep her alive is the respirator. The Doctor asks Ethan what his decision is; whether to keep Sheridan alive or let her die. Ethan is torn, but Gwen tells him he has to respect Sheridans wishes. Luis pleads with Ethan not to pull the plug on the respirator. Ethan tells the Doctor to take Sheridan off the respirator. Luis yells out no and a shuffle begins between Luis and Ethan. An orderly tries to break the two men apart. Hank tells Grace that everything Sam said about him was true. Hank broke their father's heart over and over again. Hank always looked up to Sam and Sam has always been his hero. Hank is crying and admits he has screwed up worse than ever. Grace tells Hank she is sure Sam will forgive him. Hank said he would not put Sam through any thing like that again. Sam returns and admits he heard everything Hank said. He tells Hank to remember in spite of everything they will always be family. Hank and Sam hug. They admit they love each other. Hank is crying. Whitney helps Chad with his coat. She does not want him to be in too much pain and certainly wants him to have a Merry Christmas. Eve sees Whitney and Chad together. She tells TC she hopes she was right telling Whitney she will not longer stand in the way any longer where Chad is concerned. She sees Whitney and Chad kiss, and she has a smile on her face. Gwen says good bye to her friend Sheridan. She seeks comfort from Ethan. Theresa and the orderly are holding Luis. Ethan tells Sheridan he knows she is finally at peace but if it were up to him he would leave her on the respirator forever. He kisses her on the forehead. He looks at the plug. Luis is desperate. He begs Ethan not to kill Sheridan. Ethan begs God for forgiveness as he pulls the plug. Luis is screaming like a mad man. Sheridan flat lines. She is gone.
Monday, December 25, 2000 Episode #PASSIONS Was Pre-Empted Today Due To Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
Tuesday, December 26, 2000 Episode #380The Bennett House: Kay gives her Uncle Hank a hug. He wonders why she is so cold. The Bennetts have a tradition where they open one present before midnight mass. Jessica gives Kay a present to open. Watching the family interact, Hecuba hopes every one will enjoy their Christmas, as it will be the last one they will enjoy together. Hank tells Sam every thing that happened the last few days is his fault and he feels his misfortunes of the past has brought everything down on every one. Sam tells him not to rehash that again, as they have all really talked about it; and besides it is Christmas. When Jessica comes to talk to Kay, she jumps. Hecuba tells her she can open as many presents as she wants, but she will not get her soul back. Kay asks Hecuba to leave her alone on this Christmas Eve. Hecuba tells her she will not be able to step one foot into the church and every one will find out she has no soul. Hecuba tells Kay she is not going to get what she wants and Kay yells at her to shut up. Grace hears Kay say shut up and wonders who she is talking to. Grace opens a present from Sam and it is a beautiful chain and pendant with a cross. Hecuba laughs as Kay looks on. Simone asks Kay what is wrong with her and what is going on with her, as she is just not herself. Grace is worried about Kay and she wants to cheer her up. She is going to ask her to take a present over to Tabitha to see if that will help her change her mood. Charity is worried about her cousin.
The Crane Mansion: Julian is with Rebecca in his bedroom once again. Julian wants to know how she will get him out of his marriage to Ivy so he will be able to marry her. Rebecca remembers finding Ivy's locket in Ivy's bedroom and seeing a picture of Sam Bennett and Ethan as a baby. Rebecca has now figured out the secret about Ivy's past. Sam Bennett was her old lover ... but why is Ethans picture also in the locket? Rebecca knows Ivy's secret but she tells Julian all things will be told in their own time. She assures him that after Christmas she is going to give him a big surprise!
Tabitha's House: Tabitha is mad that Hecuba has Kay Bennetts soul. She knows Kay is like a walking time bomb. Tabitha feels it is a terrible black day. They not only have to worry about Charity giving herself to Miguel but they also have to worry about her worse enemy teaming up with Kay. The door bell rings and Tabitha screams when she opens the door and sees Kay. She asks Kay what she is doing and wonders if Kay is alone. Kay gives her the present and Tabitha thanks her and closes the door almost in her face! Tabitha is listening to the package to see if it is ticking. Tabitha does not know what she is going to do. She is in a mess. Her nerves are gone and she is shaking. The phone rings and Timmy answers it as Tabitha is out of the room. The doorbell rings again and another parcel arrives. Tabitha tells the delivery man she does not have any credit so can't accept the parcel. He tells her he only has to see the advanced check she received for the publication of her book. She shows him the check and she signs for the package. Tabitha demands an explanation from Timmy. He tells her it is a Holiday feast. Included in the package are ingredients to mix up Timmy's famous martimmys. Tabitha tells him to mix a few pitchers. As they are drinking the martimmys, Timmy has another surprise for his princess. Timmy got her an end of the year present since they do not celebrate Christmas. It is a new bracelet and she just loves it. Tabitha also has an end of the year present for Timmy. It is a new pair of gloves. Tabitha proposes a toast, as she is now thinking of the possibility that things are not going to be as bad as she thought they would be. Hecuba spies on them from outside and says the New Year ahead will be worse than they could ever imagine.
The Hospital: TC tells Eve Chad is a good man. Luis is in agony as he cries out for Sheridan. Luis dams Ethan for pulling the plug on Sheridans life support system. Gwen comes to Ethans rescue saying Sheridan had this written in her living will and asks Luis not to make this any harder on Luis than it all ready is. Ethan asks if he did the right thing as Luis is hurting so much. Ethan asks everyone to leave Luis alone as Luis breaks free from the hold the orderly has on him. Luis talks to Sheridan. Eve enters the room and Theresa phones Pilar at the Crane mansion. Theresa tells Pilar that Sheridan was on life support but Ethan pulled the plug at Sheridans request. Sheridan is now dead and Luis is in an emotional mess. Pilar tells Ivy what is going on as she want to go to the hospital with Pilar. Julian and Rebecca hear the news as they hide around the corner not to be seen. Rebecca wants to go to the hospital to be with her daughter but tells Julian they have time to fool around before they leave. Luis is sure Sheridan took a breath and he tells everyone. Eve tells him it is probably just an involuntary action. Luis is sure she is alive and suddenly, the monitor shows that Sheridan is indeed alive. Eve tells them it is not an uncommon occurrence but doesn't mean her brain may still be alive. Her brain suffered too much damage. Sheridan will never be the same if she is alive. Luis tells Pilar he does not believe what the brain scans show. Ethan tells his mother Sheridan is gone and she will never come back to them the way she was. Ivy wishes there were something she could say or do to help Ethan. Luis can't go to midnight mass with Pilar. He wants to stay with Sheridan. Theresa tells Whitney about Tabithas reading her tea leaves and it has given her hope that Ethan will marry her. Ethan tells his mother Luis is in so much pain. Ethan does not want to cause any one any more pain and says it is time to make his decision known as to whom he is going to marry. Gwen tells Ethan she is sure the woman he proposes to will want him. Ethan tells everybody he will ask the girl he has chooses to marry him before the start of midnight mass tonight. Ethan tells Theresa and Gwen he is sorry for what he has put both women through and he leaves the hospital. Gwen tells Rebecca she is sure she has won and will be Ethans wife. Theresa tells Ethan she will see him in church. She tells Whitney she will soon know if her life will be perfect or if it will be ruined beyond repair. Luis tells Sheridan he is going to go to midnight mass and pray just for her, as he knows they belong together forever.
Midnight Mass: Julian asks Rebecca is they should leave and have their own Christmas Eve celebration in his bedroom. He would love for her to taste his Yule log. Rebecca tells him she wants to be at the church when Ethan proposes to Gwen. Pilar is worried about Theresa. Whitney is telling Theresa the news about her mother letting her be around Chad. Entering the church, Chad asks Ethan if he has though through every thing carefully. Ethan tells him he has. Chad enters the church and he sits with the Russell family. Whitney and Chad keep looking at each other. Ethan enters the church. Gwen and Theresa both see him. Theresa knows this is the moment for all her hopes and dreams to come true of to be dashed. Kay arrives at the church, and Hecuba warns her she will not be allowed in. Kay tries to be with her family in the church but she can't get in. She wants to know what is going on and Hecuba tells her it is the angels keeping her away, as she has no soul. Kay cries out, wondering what she has done. Luis kneels in front of a big statue of our Lord with his arm extended in welcome. Luis begs the Lord to bring Sheridan back. Simone enters the church and she sits next to Whitney. Chad is sitting next to her, and she has a look of satisfaction on her face. Ethan walks up the aisle and he goes and sits next to Gwen. Theresa is heart broken as Ethan has obviously chosen Gwen as his bride. Theresa asks Pilar what she is going to do. Ethan comes to see Theresa and she graciously congratulates Ethan for proposing to Gwen. Ethan tells Theresa she does not understand. He had to go see Gwen first and then he gets down on his knees and proposes to Theresa. He asks Theresa to marry him. Theresa accepts. Gwen turns to Rebecca. She is crushed. Julian is devastated, as he was sure his son was going to marry Gwen. Luis asks the Lord for Sheridan to return to him. He will do any thing to have her back. He wants to spend the rest of his live with her and grow old together. Suddenly, we hear Sheridans voice. Sheridan is in the church. Sheridan assures Luis she is here with him. They cry and Luis tells her he loves her. She asks him to repeat it and Luis tells her he loves her with all of his heart and soul. Sheridan tells Luis she loves him too. They kiss and embrace as midnight mass begins...
Wednesday, December 27, 2000 Episode #381Tabitha/Timmy: Tabitha and Timmy exchange end of the year presents, and then they make a toast to a life in the new year not being so bad as they think it might be. Hecuba shows up and wants to have some martimmys. She tells Timmy and Tabitha the New Year is going too be much worse as she destroys the latest batch of Timmy's martimmys. Hecuba is going to destroy Charity and then continue to destroy the rest of the good people in Harmony. Timmy yells at Hecuba telling her Tabitha can wipe the floor clean with her. His princess is better than Hecuba is. Knowing this is not possible; Hecuba then tells the "doll" boy she will destroy Tabitha and Timmy once she is finished with Charity. Tabitha tells Hecuba she knows her plans as she has been down the "Kay" road herself once or twice. Hecuba laughs and says she has much more up her sleeve than Tabitha ever did. Hecuba's plans are going to be horrific, and she intends to win points with their friends in the basement. Hecuba decides she will leave the destruction of Tabitha and Timmy for last so they can see every thing she is going to do. Tabitha asks Hecuba if she can help, after all they are both on the same side. Hecuba laughs at the request telling Tabitha her reign is over. Tabitha suddenly wakes up after she fell asleep on the couch. Timmy also wakes up from sleeping on the floor. Tabitha says she had a bad dream and Hecuba was in it. Timmy tells her he had the same dream. They realize they fell asleep after Hecuba left. Tabitha vows to fight Hecuba to the bitter end. Timmy does not want to die and he will help his princess. Tabitha and Timmy have to go to the Bennett house immediately to find out what Hecuba is up to.
The Church: Kay looks in the church windows as midnight mass begins. She feels so alone and wonders what she has done. Ethan goes to see Theresa. He gets down on his knees and proposes marriage to her. Theresa accepts his proposal with tears of joy in her eyes. Luis begs the Lord to bring Sheridan back. He wants them to live their lives together, to be happy and to grow old together. Sheridan shows up at the church. Luis begs her never to leave him again, and tells her he loves her with his heart and soul. They kiss. Theresa wants to know if what is happening to her is all a dream. Ethan tells her if it is a dream, then he is in the dream also. Julian tells Rebecca they are going to have to do something to stop Ethan from marrying Theresa. Whitney watches as her best friend becomes engaged. She smiles at Chad and Chad returns the smile. Simone catches her sister smiling at Chad and does not seem too happy. Theresa asks Ethan if he is sure he wants to marry her. Ethan tells her he is positive he wants to marry her, as he loves her very much, Luis thought he lost Sheridan and Sheridan thought she lost Luis forever. Luis promises never to let anything happened to Sheridan again. Luis thanks the Lord for bringing Sheridan back to him as they hug. Midnight mass is about to begin and Theresa and Ethan confess their love for each other. Theresa wakes up and Pilar brings in a breakfast tray. Theresa tells her mother about her dream and asks her if it is real. Pilar tells her Ethan did propose to her at church, and the dream is very real. Luis wants to take Sheridan back to the hospital and promises Sheridan he will not leave her. Luis wakes up in the hospital and asks God to please let what he experienced last night to be real. Sheridan wakes up and she tells Luis she is alive and that she loves him so much. They are elated and they kiss.
The Hospital: Luis tells Sheridan he almost lost his mind when he lost her. Sheridan is so sorry for putting Luis through all the pain. She tells him she did show up on the wharf that day, and wanted to tell him about the plan. She ran, as she was scared when she heard Hank. They are going to talk about all of this later. Luis just wants to hold Sheridan and make sure she is real. Eve enters and asks where Sheridans family is. Sheridan does not want to tell them she is out of the coma yet. She will tell Ethan but she is in no rush to tell the other Crane's. Eve wants to examine Sheridan. Eve tells Sheridan she is all ready getting the best medicine being with the man she loves. After her examination Eve declares Sheridan is in great shape. Luis returns and he tells her that sooner or later she is going to have to tell her family she is alive. Sheridan wants to make it later. Sheridan tells Luis she kept going in and out of a consciousness when she was in the coffin. The only thing that kept her alive was imagining the sound of Luis voice.
The Bennett House: Tabitha comes knocking, and she sees all the Bennetts. Grace invites Tabitha to join them for their Christmas breakfast. Charity and Miguel are together. Tabitha comments on how they look like Christmas love birds! She asks where Kay is and wants to know if she is ill. Tabitha says she is hungry as she only had a piece of soul last night for supper. Charity feels Kay is in some kind of danger. In her room, Kay wonders if the rest of her life is going to be lived like this. Hecuba tells her the sooner she gets rids of Charity, then she can have her soul back. Kay wants to get on with it and asks Hecuba what it is she has to do now. She hopes it isn't something stupid like getting a strand of Charity's hair. Hecuba tells her she needs some of Charity's finger nail clippings. In the kitchen, Charity is having another premonition. She feels that someone close by is very happy. Kay comes down stairs and every one fusses over her. Kay does not want to eat any thing. Grace wants to know what is bothering Kay and tells her she won't get mad at her. She only wants to help. Kay fells bad that she did not buy Charity a Christmas present so she wants to give Charity a make over. Tabitha is sure that Hecuba is behind the make over idea. Eve arrives and tells everyone the good news about Sheridan. Hank wants to go right over to the hospital, but Eve tells him to wait. Sheridan and Luis need to be alone for a while. Miguel knows Luis must be very happy. Hecuba tells Kay to get on with the make over. Kay takes Charity's hand and Charity screams, as her hand is so cold. Charity looks at her cousin and she jumps in horror as Kay looks like an old witch to Charity.
The Crane Mansion: Ivy enters the living room and sees Julian sitting. She asks him if he got any sleep last night, and he tells her he could not sleep after he heard from his father. Alistair went ballistic upon hearing the news that Ethan choose the house keepers daughter for his wife. Julian knows he has to figure out a plan before his father does something rash. Rebecca and Gwen arrive. Gwen asks to see Ethan. Rebecca and Julian do not think that this is a good idea, and Gwen tells them even though she would like to kill Theresa with her bare hands, they have to face the facts. Ethan is going to marry Theresa and not her. Gwen is returning her engagement ring to Ethan. She gives him the ring and tells him she hopes he will be very happy. Gwen returns to the living room as Rebecca vows that Ethan will never marry Theresa. Julian will not tolerate his son marrying beneath his station in life. Gwen yells at Julian and her mother telling them to stop. She asks Julian if she knows his son? If Julian knew Ethan, then he would realize Ethan is his own man. Ethan is going to marry Theresa and there is not a dam thing any one can do to stop it. Again, Rebecca vows the marriage will not happen. Julian blames Ethans decision on Ivy. She was the one who brought him up, seeing to his education, picking his nanny's etc. He maintains Ivy kept Ethan away from Julian and Alistair on purpose. If he didn't know better, he would think Ethan was not his son! A light comes on in Rebecca's head, and wonders if there is a possibility of that.
The Lopez-Fitzgerald House: Theresa runs to answer the front door. She is elated to see Ethan. Ethan has come to talk to Pilar. He tells Pilar if Theresa's father were alive, he would ask him for his permission to marry his daughter. He will do the honorable thing, and ask Pilar for her permission to marry Theresa. Ethan tells Pilar he loves Theresa with all of his heart. Pilar answers by telling Ethan she wants them to be happy but she is so worried about "out side" matters, such as his family. Pilar knows the Crane's will never accept Theresa into the family. Ethan can handle his family and he knows there are going to be rough times ahead. Ethan says Alistair and Julian are going to have to learn to live with his decision. Pilar is also worried about Rebecca. Ethan says Rebecca really can't do anything about it, and she can him and haw all she wants. Pilar is really not so sure that Rebecca will not try to do anything. Ethan tells Theresa they are not really engaged. He pulls out a ring and he proposes to Theresa again. He asks her to accept the ring as a symbol or his eternal love and commitment to her. Theresa accepts his proposal, and Ethan places the ring on her finger. They kiss as Whitney and Pilar look on. Whitney is delighted for her best friend while Pilar has a look of mixed feelings on her face.
Thursday, December 28, 2000 Episode #382As Charity gasps in horror, Kay glances in the mirror and shudders to see herself transformed into a wretched old wreck. Rebecca finally catches on to Ivy's secret and begins to ponder how best to use this new ammunition to her own advantage. An excited Theresa shows Pilar and Whitney her engagement ring, while her fiancée wonders how Luis will react to their news. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Luis happily tells Sheridan that nothing will ever separate them now they've survived the worst. Julian encourages Gwen to believe that Ethan will come to his senses in time and toss aside the housekeeper's daughter. Ethan is joyfully reunited with his beloved aunt, then is forced to admit how he took her off the respirator after the doctors told him there was no hope. Hecuba explains to Kay that her cousin will only see her ugly, soulless face when Charity's powers are at their peak. Julian warns his wife that her untimely death can be easily arranged. Ethan and Theresa disclose their wedding plans to Sheridan and Luis. Meanwhile, Alistair is enraged by the news from Harmony. Kay delivers Charity's fingernail clippings to Hecuba as Tabitha and Timmy prepare for all hell to break loose.
Friday, December 29, 2000 Episode #383Rebecca confides to an astonished Gwen her suspicion that Ethan is not a Crane at all but the police commissioner's illegitimate son. Meanwhile, Theresa is heartbroken when Luis refuses to give his blessing to her proposed union with the heir to the Crane fortune. Ivy raises her voice in protest as Alistair reminds Julian that his grandson must not be allowed to marry the housekeeper's daughter. A disappointed Sheridan gently scolds Luis for hardening his heart against her family once again. Rebecca informs Gwen that they can have their cake and eat it too after they walk both Julian and Ethan down the proverbial aisle. Theresa trembles when Ethan begins to wonder if he made the right move by asking her to wed a man of whom her family so disapproves. Ivy agrees to help Alistair break up Luis and Sheridan provided that no one attempts to tear Theresa and Ethan apart. Later, Alistair privately assures Julian that he's going to double-cross Ivy the very first chance he gets.


Band Members - BAND TAG DAY '09

Band Members - BAND TAG DAY '09
Junior; Tuba Player: Nate Myers - the middle member...

Awards 2010 Rittman Band

Awards 2010 Rittman Band

Nathanael Myers

Nathanael Myers
Tuba Player -- Junior --

details on our band show next saturday night

details on our band show next saturday night
Rittman Band Rockin the 2009 Season!

Our Indians!!

Our Indians!!
photo taken by my friend Cliff

(♪\*) Our Homecoming Halftime Show - Playing in the Rainy Weather... (*\♪)

best of 2009! join us for our band festival next saturday night AT Rittman Stadium... 7PM. feel free too ask me anything you want about this event next weekend! if ya wanna attend this show an need directions cuz you dont know where our field is just ask me an i'll give ya em... you wont wanna miss out on this are band show R O C K S !!! bands attending are: rootstown crestview new london mogadore orrville band of style rittman band n more... here's hopeing it dont rain next weekend and ruin our show!!!!!! i hope we get too have it... wow its hard too believe but band season is coming too an end for me cuz are last game i wont be at cuz its away ;( darn... but next fridays game is home its senior night & halloween night for are band =) happy halloween too everyone................

Our Annual Rittman Band Revue is Here!

Our Annual Rittman Band Revue is Here!
Go Indians...

>> Whats ahead for our Band! ♪ <

>> Whats ahead for our Band! ♪ <
Our Annual Band Show ♪ | October 24th at 7PM.

RHS Band - Rittman Band Show Rittman High School


RHS Football Stadium students report to stadium @ 1:00 pm band show begins @
7:00 pm

Contact Ed Sims for more information on this evening of funn...

For Updates on This Either Contact Me or My Buddy Cliff who is our band announcer...

as me and Cliff will have pictures from the show!!!

Rittman Band Show `09

Rittman Band Show `09
Next Saturday Night AT 7PM. Rittman Stadium



i was searching threw my archives and found this

i was searching threw my archives and found this
> Look at what i dug up, take a look at this Cliff, found this in an old newspaper of ours!!!

From Our Show, Last Night

From Our Show, Last Night
Rittman Indian

i love their danceing routine too this song... :)

i love their danceing routine too this song... :)
our best performance yet !!!!!

Rittman Band ''Tuba Player, Nate Myers''

Rittman Band ''Tuba Player, Nate Myers''
Rittman Indian Band

Our 2009 HS Football Team !!!

Our 2009 HS Football Team !!!
we have over 50 players this year, lets kick some a** Indians

2009 2010 Season too Blog!

2009    2010   Season too Blog!
>> Matthew Killough & Cliff Feightner, Bloggers of the Year