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Saturday, September 27, 2008

i got these videos from a friend over on youtube

Rittman Band at Edison Band Show
Song: " Paint It Black ''

"Rittman Band" at Edison Band Show
Song: "Old Time Rock and Roll"

From the pressbox-Edison Band Show

Buckeye Central, from New Washington-46 Band members

Central Catholic High, from Toledo-42 Band members

Norwalk High-85 Band members

Open Door Christian School, Elyria-91 Band members

St. Francis Desales, Toledo,-42 Band members

Liberty Center-76 Band members

Host band Edison, from Milan had 120 student musicians. they were joined by 111 student musicians from the 7th and 8th grade bands from Berlin-Milan Middle school.

''From Our Grandstand'' Rittman Football an Band

The Homecoming Pictures will be up later on in the week, probly !!!!!.....

3rd Edition of Our: ''From The Grandstand'' Rittman Homecoming Night

This week's 'From The Grandstand' will have two posts from mee

HS Football Game of the week, Rittman Indian Vs. Rival Norwayne Bobcats'

Well there isnt much too talk about in this game as it turned out too be a blowout by Norwayne ..... Final Score in this one is N52-R7. I Also gotta add that i did get Footage of Our homecoming program at the beginning of the game tonight !! i'll put up the videos in my next post ..... I also gotta tell Everyone that my cousin Kyle Killough #60 on are team got hurt tonight, also Peggy his mom won the ball game!! iam guessing hes alright, hopefully ..... Well I FINALLY Got Too Meet Cliff Tonight at Our Game, hehe. i didnt talk to him much cuz we were leaving the game ... he noticed mee right off ;*) Good Job Tonight Cliff !!!!! Everyone cheered for our band !!! When Cliff 1st annouced our band, i wasnt payin attention an he scared mee, LoL!

**Cliff if You Read This i gotta tell you i donated $20 dollars to the' Band for their new uniforms** Go Indians!

I gotta say i did NOT enjoy Norwayne's Band this evening, i thought that they played terrible, they sounded like they were off key an don't know what they were playn... i usually enjoy all marching bands but i didnt like their band this year!! Rittman Band was way better, but i do have photos of 'em..... Rittman Band did two new hits tonight an their Born to be Wild hit ..... I Can't wait too see Dalton's Band!!! they are usually pretty good!! it was a packed game tonight!

okay lets' get ready for my photos of the night .......

Norwayne Bobcats' High School Marching Band

Next is Our Band: Rittman Indian High Marching Band

1st Song: "Prime Time,"
2nd Song: "Austin Powers," "Soul Bossa Nova." Senior euphonium player Caleb wrote the marching routine
and they closed the show with: "Born to be Wild"

(More Photo*s of Rittman will be up soon)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

''--Rittman Band at Our Annual Homecoming Bombfire--''

I didnt get Footage of our Homecoming Court Cuz their was too many people in my way so i'll try too get 'em at tomorrow night's Football game ..... So Our Bombfire really didnt last that long after the Band played we dicided too leave, i did say i would get footage tonight an i did so i guess i'll add it now unstead of later this weekend;*) Enjoy!!

Just a few reminders: upcoming events for our annual:
''From The Grandstand''

Rittman Homecoming Football Game With Norwayne
New London*s Annual Band Show(Iam Hopein i can make it their)
Rittman Fooball Game With Dalton Bulldogs(I cant Wait too see their Band)
Rittman Indian Band Revue '08 - More info on this when i get Some
Football Game against Hillsdale(Senior Night, Final Game of Season)

i dunno if i'll make these but i'll try, it would be my 1st band concerts though;) that would be Awesome !!! i got these from Our Rittman School Page .....

Band Concert Rittman High School Starts 12/9/2008 7:00 PM

and Next Year..

All Bands Concert Rittman High School Starts 3/14/2009 7:00 PM Ends 3/14/2009 8:00 PM Contact Mr. Ed Sims
** Big News ** i decided to take my digital camera too the band show this year soo i can upload stuff on here for any fanz of Rittman Band .....

Preview for our next: ''From The Grandstand''

Tonight is Our Rittman Homecoming Bombfire.. We Play Norwayne tomorrow!! i do plan on goin tonight an take some footage an i'll add it on here later this weekend .. i'll also try too get some stuff from our homecoming game tomorrow, i've been tryn too get rid of an toothache so iam hopein it will be okay for tomorrow's Football Game !! ;*)

Well its 7:29pm, Gotta wrap this up an get ready too go.....
Our 3rd Edition of ''From The Grandstand'' Will be Our Homecoming Game, tomorrow night at Rittman Stadium.... so be their!

Band Members - BAND TAG DAY '09

Band Members - BAND TAG DAY '09
Junior; Tuba Player: Nate Myers - the middle member...

Awards 2010 Rittman Band

Awards 2010 Rittman Band

Nathanael Myers

Nathanael Myers
Tuba Player -- Junior --

details on our band show next saturday night

details on our band show next saturday night
Rittman Band Rockin the 2009 Season!

Our Indians!!

Our Indians!!
photo taken by my friend Cliff

(♪\*) Our Homecoming Halftime Show - Playing in the Rainy Weather... (*\♪)

best of 2009! join us for our band festival next saturday night AT Rittman Stadium... 7PM. feel free too ask me anything you want about this event next weekend! if ya wanna attend this show an need directions cuz you dont know where our field is just ask me an i'll give ya em... you wont wanna miss out on this are band show R O C K S !!! bands attending are: rootstown crestview new london mogadore orrville band of style rittman band n more... here's hopeing it dont rain next weekend and ruin our show!!!!!! i hope we get too have it... wow its hard too believe but band season is coming too an end for me cuz are last game i wont be at cuz its away ;( darn... but next fridays game is home its senior night & halloween night for are band =) happy halloween too everyone................

Our Annual Rittman Band Revue is Here!

Our Annual Rittman Band Revue is Here!
Go Indians...

>> Whats ahead for our Band! ♪ <

>> Whats ahead for our Band! ♪ <
Our Annual Band Show ♪ | October 24th at 7PM.

RHS Band - Rittman Band Show Rittman High School


RHS Football Stadium students report to stadium @ 1:00 pm band show begins @
7:00 pm

Contact Ed Sims for more information on this evening of funn...

For Updates on This Either Contact Me or My Buddy Cliff who is our band announcer...

as me and Cliff will have pictures from the show!!!

Rittman Band Show `09

Rittman Band Show `09
Next Saturday Night AT 7PM. Rittman Stadium



i was searching threw my archives and found this

i was searching threw my archives and found this
> Look at what i dug up, take a look at this Cliff, found this in an old newspaper of ours!!!

From Our Show, Last Night

From Our Show, Last Night
Rittman Indian

i love their danceing routine too this song... :)

i love their danceing routine too this song... :)
our best performance yet !!!!!

Rittman Band ''Tuba Player, Nate Myers''

Rittman Band ''Tuba Player, Nate Myers''
Rittman Indian Band

Our 2009 HS Football Team !!!

Our 2009 HS Football Team !!!
we have over 50 players this year, lets kick some a** Indians

2009 2010 Season too Blog!

2009    2010   Season too Blog!
>> Matthew Killough & Cliff Feightner, Bloggers of the Year